Skin cancer - causes

The basaliomas develop in the basal cell layer (stratum basale) of the skin. This innermost cell layer of the epidermis serves the regeneration of the skin, here the cells divide. In addition, here are the tactile discs for the touch sensation and the pigment-forming melanocytes, which protect us from UV radiation and are responsible for the skin color. Of these, the malignant melanoma goes out. Above the basal cell layer lies the spiny layer of cells (stratum spinosum), where the cells are already beginning to cornify. Here is the place of origin of the spinal egg.

Skin cancer: causes are sun and solarium

In all three forms, it is assumed that there is a correlation between the formation of cancer and UV exposure to sun rays and solariums. Excessive sunbathing damages the genetic material in the skin cells. Although our repair department is always busy, it does not always come with corrections. Sometimes changes (mutations) persist permanently, accumulate - and lead to cancerous ulcers in the further life.

In the case of white skin cancer, regular radiation exposure seems to be more of a factor - which is why it also affects areas of the body such as the nose, forehead and ears and often people who spend a lot of their time outdoors.

Causes: Black skin cancer

In black skin cancer, the exact role of UV radiation exposure is not yet clear. It is suspected that here more intensive, short-term radiation damage and especially too much sun in childhood, the development of birthmarks and thus favors the subsequent development of melanoma. But there are also other risk factors: light skin type, genetic sensitivity, many and atypical or large moles / liver spots.

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