Home remedies for teething children

Home remedies in the test

Who wants to resort to traditional home remedies, offers his baby best unsweetened, anti-inflammatory chamomile tea. Violet roots and amber necklaces are not recommended. Violet roots - used as a teething ring - are usually not sufficiently cleaned and can easily lead to inflammation of the irritated baby tooth meat. Amber necklaces, which are thought to have a calming effect and to help with toothache, are liable to strangulate the child. Or that the chain breaks and it swallows the stones.

Care at the first bite

If the first flashing tooth is there, it starts with the care: The sooner children get used to it, the more natural it is later. By the second birthday, it is enough to brush your teeth in the evening with a child toothbrush and a dollop of children's toothpaste (maximum fluoride content 0.05%). For the first teeth, finger toothbrushes from the pharmacy are recommended.

So you can see that children are teething

  • The baby sleeps badly, cries and cries more often and is unbecoming.
  • It tries to chew on its own fist.
  • It has no appetite, but a more digestive digestion.
  • His cheeks are strikingly red and hot.
  • The gums are swollen, red and sensitive.
  • The baby slobbers stronger than usual.
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