Medicine chest - help for self-help

In case of emergency with a handle the right thing for wound care; Headache - the painkiller ready. A well-stocked medicine cabinet will serve you well in an emergency! Small aches and injuries can often be self-healing. You only have to know how. Then sometimes even the way to the doctor can be redundant. Here are our tips about the small emergency at home:

insect bites

  • Remove the sting with tweezers, cool the sting with ice. A special gel from the pharmacy stops the itching.
  • Small children must be immediately after bee, wasp or hornet stings to the doctor. The danger: Violent reaction to the poison.
  • In case of allergic shock (unconsciousness, respiratory arrest): Call the emergency doctor, stable lateral position and respiratory donation.


  • Moisten rag with cold water and place in neck. Head slightly forward, hold nose.
  • Use your index and middle fingers to massage the point where the spine begins in the neck.

Bumps and bruises

  • Signs: bruise
  • Put ice or cold compresses on the swelling for 15 minutes.

Cuts and abrasions

  • Clean and cut smaller cuts under running water. Disinfect wound, with
  • Disinfect wound, cover with wound plaster.
  • For abrasions apply ointment


  • Cool immediately with cold water for about 15 minutes, use damp cloths on the face.
  • Cover light, small-area burns with cooling burn ointment.
  • Cover thicker, weeping wounds with a sterile bandage.

acid burns

  • Eyes: rinse with water from the inside out
  • Skin: Rinse under running water for 15 minutes.
  • Internal burn: rinse mouth, swallow tea.


  • Symptoms: Nausea, sweating, (stomach) cramps, circulatory and respiratory problems, dizziness.
  • Keep the affected person warm with a blanket.
  • Always call poison center (07 61/1 92 40) and ambulance.
  • Do not throw up without consulting, do not give milk or other drinks.
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