Hatha yoga

Yoga is an ancient Indian doctrine of philosophy. The goal of yoga is to bring body, soul and spirit into harmony. There are different forms of yoga - one of which is Hatha Yoga.

The word stem hatha of Hatha Yoga comes from the Indian usage and means strength and tenacity. This stands for the physical perspective in hatha yoga. There are yoga forms that are more spiritual or spiritual - on the other hand there is physical yoga (Hatha Yoga). Hatha yoga focuses on the physical exercises, which are to be controlled by breathing exercises and meditation.

Hatha Yoga is basically the normal Yoga, which is known to us in the Western world. The aim of Hatha Yoga is to restore the inner balance and positively stimulate the self-healing powers of one's own body. All exercises are all the better, the more they are performed with the necessary concentration and attention. The positive effects of hatha yoga have been scientifically proven in studies.

Hatha Yoga promotes health

Thus, the subjects who practiced hatha yoga had a lower pulse rate than under normal conditions. Another area that responded positively to hatha yoga was brain activity. The evaluations of the EEG showed an increase in alpha activity. Alpha activity reflects the rhythmic fluctuations in electrical brain activity that are derived and measured at the scalp.

The proponents of Hatha Yoga speak of other benefits that arise from practicing Hatha Yoga for that person. Thus, Hatha Yoga should attenuate the stress reactions of the body on a vegetative level. Through regular training, body and mind react less sensitively to everyday stress situations. Hatha yoga also influences the subject in the psychological area. The person trains another state of mind over time. You move relaxed in the present moment and can respond better and more targeted to the daily demands of life. In addition, the personality of the individual should be lived out more open - a confident and extroverted appearance is the result.

Another goal in hatha yoga is the development of cognitive abilities. Especially in stressful situations we often react too emotionally. We have lost the ability to look for solutions problematically and coolly. Hatha yoga teaches you to actively and specifically respond to the stresses of everyday life and not to be overpowered by them. Concentration training helps us avoid the storms of everyday life - hatha yoga can be an effective method.

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