Hashimoto's thyroiditis therapy

Which therapy is there?

The aim of the treatment is to normalize the metabolic situation. Hormone tablets must be taken for this purpose - in an initially low dose, which is slowly increased. Once the hormone levels have normalized, the patient has to introduce himself to his doctor once a year. Even during pregnancy, the medication must continue to be taken and the blood levels should be closely monitored.

Selenium instead of iodine in Hashimoto's thyroiditis

The intake of iodine recommended for other thyroid disorders is rather discouraged here because in many affected individuals the immune system is sensitive to it. In contrast, some doctors recommend the use of selenium, an anti-oxidant, which is supposed to strengthen the immune system and is a building block in thyroid metabolism.

The actual cause - the attacks of the immune system - can be contained so far only with side effect-rich drugs. Such therapy is therefore not recommended for this disease. A healthy, stress-free lifestyle should contribute to a mild disease course.

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