Mobile phones - less radiation when phoning

Mobile phones have revolutionized the entertainment industry and have become an indispensable part of everyday life. However, mobile phones also generate high-frequency radiation, which is partially absorbed in the body during telephoning. "Mobile communications have made our everyday lives easier in many ways, but despite all the enthusiasm for the indisputable achievements of the industry, the responsible handling of a relatively new technology should also be in the foreground, " said Florian Emrich, spokesman for the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS).

Conscious handling of mobile phones

Even though there are currently indications of biological effects but no scientific proof of health hazards caused by mobile communications, the BfS considers a precautionary approach to be appropriate. Every mobile phone user has the option of reducing the radiation exposure while making a phone call.


What radiation emanates from a mobile phone is indicated by the so-called SAR value (value for the energy radiated by the mobile phone that is absorbed in the body). Emrich: "If you want to buy a cell phone, you should therefore pay attention to a low SAR value."

A SAR value of 0.6 watts per kilogram or lower characterizes a mobile phone as being particularly low in radiation. "Unfortunately, only about a quarter of all devices available in Germany currently comply with this standard, " says Emrich. Those who are interested can see on the homepage of the Federal Office for Radiation Protection.

Tips for calling by mobile phone

In addition to a low SAR value, there are still a number of useful tips for low-radiation phone calls as possible:

  • as short and as possible
  • call only with good reception
  • Use head sets
  • if possible, use the landline.

The BfS also recommends waiting for the connection to be established and not picking up the phone until the caller rings. Because when connecting, the device sends at full power. As soon as the connection is established, the mobile phone adjusts to the lowest possible power depending on the reception.


These and other tips and information on the subject of mobile communications, the Federal Office for Radiation Protection on its Internet home page ready. There is also the brochure "Mobile - how does it work?" to order for free or as a download under Mobile Brochure. On mobile phone eco-label, the BfS publishes a regularly updated list of the SAR values ​​of the various mobile phone models.

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