Do men have abdominal pain?

Usually, abdominal pains and pelvic floor discomfort are classified as typical women's problems. However, a survey has shown that at least six percent of men suffer from abdominal pain. In most cases, a prostate gland disease is behind the pain and urinary problems. Other causes may be: bladder muscle contractions, urethral stenosis or dysfunction of the pelvic floor.

Findings about the man's pelvic floor are rare, as reported by the International Continence Society. Truck drivers or people with permanent stress often have an overactive pelvic floor. The abdomen is constantly tense and can cause erectile dysfunction or urinary problems. Pelvic floor discomfort helps with intensive muscle and relaxation training. Urinary complaints can also be alleviated by a cure with nettle juice from the pharmacy. Nettle flushes through the urinary tract and flushes bacterial pathogens out of the body. Anti-inflammatory agents also lead to a swelling of the prostate gland.

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