Hair removal: advantages and disadvantages

To remove body hair, there are various methods that differ in the application, duration and durability of the result. Here you will find at a glance all common methods for hair removal with their respective advantages and disadvantages:

depilatory creme

  • Advantage: Pain-free, regrowing hair is fine.
  • Disadvantage: Tedious. Action time varies in length, then remove and clean, not suitable for sensitive skin.


  • Advantage: Thorough hair removal, hair does not grow again until one month. With cold wax little time consuming, regrowing hair is fine.
  • Disadvantage: Exercise necessary, warm wax procedure is time consuming, pain is getting used to.

safety razor

  • Advantage: Easy to use, large model selection.
  • Disadvantage: Hair grows quickly, regrowing hair stubs are harder than longer hair, danger of cutting.

electric razor

  • Advantage: Battery razors can be used anywhere, usually in the shower. No risk of injury, painless.
  • Disadvantage: Hair grows quickly, regrowing hair is harder than longer hair.


  • Advantage: Applicable everywhere as small and battery operated, length adjustable, painless.
  • Disadvantage: Only suitable for armpits and bikini area.


  • Advantage: Fast application, thorough, hair grows only after a month, regrowing hair is fine.
  • Disadvantage: pain takes some getting used to, sometimes pimples can develop, not suitable for sensitive skin. Can only be used with power supply at home.

Laser, ISP treatment

  • Advantage: pain free, durable, many different, modern methods.
  • Disadvantage: time-consuming and costly, hair can regrow partially, treatment only by specialists.

Body and pubic hair removal through the ages

Already in antiquity, a hairless body belonged to the ideal of beauty: men shaved and wore bald heads, women removed armpit, body and pubic hair. In addition to aesthetic reasons, hygiene also played an important role.

Of course, in Islam and many other cultures, hair removal is part of body care. In Europe, it was common since the Middle Ages in different epochs that women removed body and pubic hair - in men, this custom was rare and usually hygienic circumstances, for example, in war situations, owed. Overall, the increased public display of certain areas of the body resulted in a changed aesthetic sensation associated with depilation.

In the meantime, especially the removal of the pubic hair is considered by many young women and men as a matter of course. The hair is usually epilated by a special wax treatment; The method is carried out by a specialist in a studio.

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