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Body hair may be erotic in men - but not in women. Bad luck for her, because the skin is covered with hair except for face, palms, soles, nipples and lips. Although the body hair is on average less than half the diameter of 0.07 millimeters thinner than that on the head, yet the so-called "wool hair" disturbs the hygienic and aesthetic sensation since it has lost its function in the course of evolution: it once protected the ancestors strong sunlight and kept them warm.

The most popular hair removal method: wet shaving

The most common way to get rid of hair is wet shaving. Whether bathing or showering: After a few moves (always opposite to the direction of growth) are the hair off.

Special blades adapt to the shape of the legs and knees and minimize unwanted cuts, while a thin, lotion-coated surface above the blade nourishes the skin when shaving. And shaving foam ensures that the blade slides well over the skin.

Manufacturers offer products specifically for women's legs, but also the shaving foam of the partner does it - in contrast to his razor! Beard hair is harder than the delicate on the woman's leg, so the blade is sharper and the risk of injury is greater. In addition, his razor is designed for manoeuvrable curves around the nose, mouth and chin. Woman, however, shaves in light trains straight ahead.

Shave without cuts: the dry shave

The counterpart to the wet is the dry shave. The application is child resistant: A grate keeps the blades away from the skin and makes cutting impossible. The devices are also suitable for the bikini line. However, dry shaving has the same disadvantage as its wet relative: After three days at the latest, the skin is stubbly again. By the way: The persistent rumor, shaving promotes hair growth, is not true. But the stubble that sticks out of the pore is more noticeable than the longer hair rubbed "thinly" through the clothes.

In order to quickly eliminate forgotten stubble fields in the underarms or bikini zone on the way, a mini hamburger is suitable. With the Gardemaßen of two centimeters wide and breastfeeding he fits in any handbag and can also be used before the sport or in the swimming pool. Alternatively, he styles and cuts hair down to five or two millimeters.

Prolonged hair removal: epilation

At the epilator, the ghosts part. One party swears by its reliability: One application and four weeks is rest. Other women disdain him as a torture device. Depending on the device type, 20 to 40 tweezers pack the hairs and tear them out together with the root.

But there are worlds between the first models and the modern ones: today cooling pads, massage and "starter attachments" relieve the pain. The more often you use the device, the more the body gets used to it. And: It hurts less, because not all hairs regrow. The reason is their growth cycle. Only about 30 percent of hair sprouts at the same time, the rest are in a resting phase and come only gradually.

Disadvantages are then only red pimples that can arise when plucking. But if you epilate in the evening, they usually disappear in the morning.

Also painful is the treatment with liquid warm wax or the cold wax strip variant: The wax encloses the hair; if it is then removed with a jerk against the direction of growth, they remain suspended. Again, the effect lasts four weeks. The procedure takes a little time and practice.

Hair removal without tears and Ziepen

With freedom from pain lure depilatory cream and foam. These products contain keratin-releasing agents, because keratin is the main component of the hair. The chemicals dissolve the protein structure, the hair dies off and can be removed with a spatula after 15 minutes. There are now products that advertise with a contact time of three minutes. It takes a week for the hair to regrow.

Those who have particularly sensitive skin should first test the application on a small body part. Women who want to permanently escape the vicious cycle of hair growth and shaving use modern methods such as laser or IPL treatment. Here, the blood vessel, which supplies the hair root, is desolated by means of a light or laser pulse. The application is painless, but also tedious and expensive and is not suitable for all hair types.

Especially light or pigment-free (gray) hair can only be removed with a special laser. There are no long-term studies of success. The more painful variant has proved its worth: needle epilation. Here, the hair root is destroyed with a metered surge. How many sessions are needed depends on skin type, hair color and texture.

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