Hearing damage through concerts

High-grade inner ear damage and tinnitus (ear noises) are the stressful consequences of a pop concert. A young woman who sustained this permanent hearing loss by attending a concert was recently awarded pain and suffering (Az: 5 U 1324/00).

Penalties for too loud music

The organizers had the visitors for 90 minutes exposed to a high level of duty contrary to the high, said the judge of the Koblenz Higher Regional Court. The fact that the woman stood near the pit was not counted as contributory negligence. Because every visitor should be sure that the organizer limits the music to a noise level that is not harmful to health.

"It is to be hoped that this ruling will stimulate the organizers of concerts and discos to rethink, " Dr. Karin Uphoff from the Fördergemeinschaft Gutes Hören (FGH). "At many music events, the music is turned up louder than necessary for enjoyment and, above all, louder than good for the ears, but you are not helpless with these volumes, and with ear plugs, or even better: custom-made ear protection, you can enjoy music safely . "

Noise can damage your hearing incurably

Hearing damage is possible from a volume of 85 decibels (dB), if you are exposed to this noise at least 40 hours a week. This is referred to as the permissible weekly noise load. In rock and pop concerts and in discos at an advanced hour often 100 to 110 decibels are achieved. At 100 decibels, the allowable noise level is reached after about 80 minutes for one week, at 110 decibels after just under ten minutes.

Special hearing protection for music lovers

Nobody has to give up the fun of a concert or disco visit. Dr. Karin Uphoff emphasizes: "Hearing protection keeps the good ear, so that in the future music enjoyment and communication are possible without compromise." There are custom-made hearing protectors with or without filters: for example, hearing care professionals offer hearing protection with filters especially for music lovers. This filter dampens all frequencies evenly and therefore brings undistorted, natural sound. Good solutions that you should use for your hearing.

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