Hematoma on the eye

In the case of a hematoma in the eye, a distinction must be made between a retrobular hematoma, a conjunctival hemorrhage and the so-called violet. A retrobular hematoma is caused by arterial bleeding behind the eye and can significantly disturb the function of the eye. In the worst case, such a bruise can lead to blindness if left untreated. Because of this, surgery is inevitable in some cases.


Bleeding directly in the eye, it is usually a conjunctival hemorrhage, which is caused by a broken capillary. Then blood runs into the space between connective and dermis. Generally, such a hematoma disappears in the eye on its own - if the bruise causes you discomfort, you should consult a doctor.


A violet is a bleeding in the eyelid area of ​​the eye to understand. Due to the influx of blood, the tissue swells around the eye and assumes a reddish-blue color. Mostly a blue eye is the result of a blow or a shock to the eye. Such a hematoma on the eye should be cooled carefully, then it usually disappears by itself within a few days.

Hematoma on the eye: When to the doctor?

If, in addition to the swelling, there are other symptoms on the eye, you should consult a doctor for safety's sake. For the so-called eyeglass hematoma, in which one or both eyes are surrounded by an annular bruise, may indicate a skull base fracture. In addition, if it comes to unconsciousness, impaired consciousness or bloody discharge from the nose, mouth or ears, the patient should be taken immediately to the hospital.

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