Good walk on hot days

No question - we love the summer. Unfortunately, the most beautiful time of the year also has its side effects: long car rides, constant sitting or standing in the heat make our feet swell painfully. With some wellness from the local tap and proper care, however, this shortcoming can be resolved quickly. Pastor Kneipp already knew about the salutary effects of water. This element is particularly effective in treating swollen legs and feet.

Why does water help with swollen legs?

The beneficial effect of this is explained by the fact that cool water applications exert stimuli on the skin. Smallest nerve points pass them on to the central nervous system. As a result, among other things, the circulation is stabilized and the immune system is strengthened. In addition, such baths increase the circulation in feet and legs and thus counteract venous insufficiency.

Cold water for tired feet

If, after a long and hot working day, the shoe pushes you, one of the best and fastest aids comes directly from the tap. Kniegüsse, Wassertreten and "Kneipp stockings" are particularly well-proven:

  • In the knee kiss, legs and feet are briefly showered with cold water to about one hand wide over the knees. Important: do not forget the soles!
  • For a refreshing tread, the bathtub is about knee-high filled with cold water and kicked on the spot. Do not dry your feet afterwards, just wipe off the water - this reinforces the effect
  • Cool Kneipp stockings are especially good for getting your dilated veins to contract and refresh themselves after coming home: hold cotton socks under cold water, wring them out and put them on for 5 minutes. Put your legs up.

Those who shy away from cold water can alternatively resort to lukewarm foot baths with appropriate bath additives. Sea-salt-based preparations are particularly invigorating.

Nurturing freshness

After the bath, heavily used feet should be pampered with a special foot cream. Ideal are products that have both nourishing and deodorizing properties and provide pleasant, moisturized skin with rough, dry skin. If the troubled feet still need an extra kick of freshness, the use of a foot gel is recommended. The advantage: It absorbs quickly and without residue and also cools pleasantly.

Treat yourself to such a wellness treatment for the feet every day - so you'll be well through the summer. If you are on your feet all day long, you should not forget another important detail: comfortable shoes.

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