In good hands - mobile with baby

Wraps, carrying bags, backpacks and baby carriers: When it comes to mobility with baby and toddler, the parents are spoiled for choice. The scent of mom, the deep voice of dad - especially in the first year of life, it is important for babies to feel the calming closeness of their parents. However, those who have carried such a bundle of joy over a longer period of time on their arms knows how difficult even the smallest baby can become in the long run.

Advantages of a baby sling

In this case, for example, we recommend a sling that can be used in the first weeks of life. Advantages: The parents have the child close to their bodies, their hands free and their backs spared. The child can be tied in front of the parental abdomen in the cradle-carrying mode or in the so-called spread-squat position ("frog posture").

The spread squat position is a natural posture where the baby's thighs are tightened to at least 90 degrees. It promotes good hip development and minimizes the risk of hip deformity. The head and back of the baby are well supported in the carrying strap, the movements promote the sense of balance and the back muscles.

However, the wrapping technique requires some practice from the parents. Many manufacturers of high-quality slings provide good instructions. But there are also courses, for example of birth houses, midwives or breastfeeding consultants. When buying, parents should take care that

  • the material contains no pollutants such as formaldehyde, pesticides or other health substances. Be sure to wash thoroughly before use.
  • the material gives way in moderation, but does not wear out. Double-stitched edges also prevent cutting into the skin.
  • The cloth is big enough for other tall people to carry the child.

Trägesäcke easier than wraps

Carrying bags are generally easier to handle than diaper towels. When making a purchase, parents should ensure that the baby's head is well supported and that the bridge between the legs is wide enough to accommodate the spread-squat position. This also applies to other baby carriers. Also: Never carry babies with their backs to the abdomen, as they would otherwise overshadow their backs, face new impressions and lack a healthy body and hip posture.

Children can now be transported for about four months in an appropriate backpack. So that parents do not get any back pain or tension through the carrying aids, the weight should be distributed on shoulders and hips much like a backpack. Correctly adjusted shoulder and lap belts help.

Back frame for hiking

For walks with a child who can already sit well (from about eight months), a backpack rack is suitable. In the wild, the sturdy frames are well suited, because there is little danger of pulling or hanging anywhere. However, be careful when putting down the backpack rack - do not leave the children alone as they can easily tip over.

Baby cups in the car

Baby bowls are mainly intended for transport in the car - for longer wearing they are usually too heavy and provide a malposition. Some manufacturers offer so-called travel systems, in which the infant carrier can be mounted on a mobile frame or converted to a buggy.

Baby bowls are suitable for babies up to a weight of 13 kilograms. Your advantage: The child can be quickly transported from A to B, cumbersome construction of the stroller falls away and for sleeping, the shell is also very good.

Use a stroller for back pain

Of course, with all the benefits the baby has when worn, the needs of the parent must not be neglected. Anyone who gets back pain or back tension from it packs his offspring better in the stroller or buggy.

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