Barbecue - with bread and finger food

All sorts of finger food creations such as mini-pizza, tomato-mozzarella bruschetta, Tex-Mex burger or Mexican tortilla are unusual and quite easy to use on the grill. Not only as a side dish, but also as a starter and snack for in between, they help to skilfully overcome the wait for the sausage.

For beginners...

For beginners Bruschetta is recommended in many variants. For the straightforward flash recipe you need only a few ingredients, such as a few slices of white bread, ripe cocktail tomatoes, chopped basil, olive oil, garlic cloves, salt and a little mozzarella. The slices of bread are spread on each side with oil and pre-roasted on the grill. The freshly roasted bread is then rubbed vigorously with the peeled garlic cloves and again drizzled with oil. Gourmet skin and chop the grilled cherry tomatoes and then distribute them along with the rest of the ingredients on the bread slices.

... and advanced

Advanced can taste grilled pizza. The Mini pizza snack works similarly, except that a fresh yeast dough comes into play as a base for tomatoes, basil, cheese, etc.. The small, flat-shaped dough blanks are pre-cooked on a well-greased baking sheet in the hottest spot in the middle of the grill until they are crispy and firm at the bottom. After about a minute, the Minipizza blank can be turned with the help of a barbecue tongs. Then push the baking tray to a slightly hot spot and brush the top with oil. All ingredients can now be distributed on the mini-breads. The filled pizzas then have to grill for another minute or two until the cheese has melted on the topping. Simple and tasty are grilled bread rolls or stuffed bread with cheese. To avoid excessive browning of the bread in open grilling systems, it is wise to stretch a piece of aluminum foil over the grate. Charcoal grill tortillas are ready to serve each side after 15 seconds.

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