For many, a good barbecue buffet is characterized by a spicy marinated piece of meat. But not every piece of meat is suitable for the rust. What you should pay special attention when grilling meat, we tell you here. Whether beef (hip, torso or loin steaks), pork (schnitzel, neck, fillet), poultry (chicken thighs, turkey breast) or lamb (chop, club, shoulder) - ideal for grilling are especially lean or slightly grease-pulled pieces. Caution is advised before cured meat products (eg Kasseler, Wiener, Leberkäse). When heated, the nitrite from the pickling salt reacts with proteins in the meat to produce harmful nitrosamines that cause cancer.

Barbecue Trend Barbecue

Fancy but delicious is buffalo or bison meat, a barbecue trend from the United States and Canada. As early as the 17th century, trapper pioneers prepared whole bison "barbe-à-queue", ie from beard to tail, over the wood fire. From this - or from the Mexican-Spanish word "barbacoa" (field oven) - the term "barbecue" developed. Especially in the southern states and the western United States, the "BBC" abbreviated barbecue pleasure is a popular garden festival where whole animals or many pieces of meat are slowly roasted on a skewer or on a large griddle. The feast can easily last a whole day, and every family has their closely guarded recipe for making the meat.

The marinade

A tasty marinade is the alpha and omega for optimal grilled meat enjoyment. By brushing oil or inserting the food is not only refined flavor, but also remains juicy. The basis for a marinade is oil, wine or beer. Other ingredients such as herbs, spices, mustard, vinegar or fruit juice give the grilled food - depending on the recipe and preferences - the typical aroma. If you are preparing meat for the rust, you should always cover the pieces completely with the marinade and leave everything tightly closed in a container with a lid in the refrigerator for up to two days. The grilled meat also gets a good spiciness through a hearty filling. It not only gives juice to the meat, but also flavor.

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