Show limits - self-defense for children and women

Two out of five women have experienced sexual or physical violence in their lives. Every fourth woman is abused by her partner. But: Countering benefits, as American and German studies have shown. Up to 80 percent of attacks can be successfully countered. So it is not surprising that more and more women and children prove self-defense or self-assertion courses.

Large offer of self-defense courses

If you are looking for self-defense courses, you will receive an unmanageable range of martial arts, such as:

  • Karate classes
  • Judo classes
  • Wendo
  • Taekwondo
  • Kickboxing
  • Free Fight
  • Kung Fu

Any of these martial arts can do something to make sure that someone who practices regularly feels safer against attacks. A particularly effective form of self-defense, however, promises WingTsun, a technique in which above all the one quick form of defense, "Blitz Defense", is used.

Lightning fast defense: WingTsun

WingTsun was probably developed 250 years ago from the Chinese martial art Kung Fu by a Buddhist nun of the same name to defend himself against male attackers.

Blitz Defense has been developed out of WingTsun: as a special form of defense. The movements are usually short and straight or implied spiral. A typical element of some Wing Chun styles is the chain stump kick, of which a skilled Wing Chun fighter executes 9 to 13 beats per second.

Artistic techniques like kicks up to the head or complicated twists do not exist. Flowing movements and sudden rapidity merge in a systematic and coordinated sequence of movements, forming a new powerful unit. A common training tool is a wooden dummy with several, one to three "arms", where you can train your strength, coordination, precision and speed.

Attack as defense

However, it takes a good six months to learn the technique. Then woman is ready to neutralize the power of the opponent by the application of angular and rotational principles and to use against him. While a strike is blocked, an attack takes place at the same moment - because: The attack is the defense. In role-playing games, women sharpen their perception and combine the WingTsun techniques with means of conflict resolution.

It is said that systematic learning of WingTsun increases physical and mental flexibility and enhances perceptiveness. The way to complement this purposeful relaxation and concentration techniques and breathing exercises that recharge the body.

Give children self-confidence

With the appropriate courses for children is not the slamming in the center of attention, but the strengthening of the personality. Self-assertion and self-confidence are awakened and expanded in the children.

Children who are safe and self-confident are hardly harassed or held against their will. The self-assertion courses also aim to sharpen the children's perception of emerging conflicts and to demonstrate rules of conduct for difficult situations.

Learning to say "no"

Although children have learned effective defenses and hard-hitting techniques, they should always try to avoid the use of combat techniques wherever possible. This includes learning "no-say". Children should recognize what they do not want and how they can express this clearly to others. A prerequisite for this is to take one's own feelings seriously and to make limits conscious.

The newly developed self-confidence in the courses ensures that no victim signals are sent out and therefore it is much less likely that women or children will be selected as victims.

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