Gray hair and her typical triggers

Once when hair was used primarily to protect against cold, they are nowadays for most an important indicator to feel attractive. Well-groomed and naturally shiny hair is associated with the aspect of beauty in both men and women. Who then discovers his first gray hair, is often shocked first. Finally, gray hair is generally associated with aging and aging. But even at a very young age, hair from mostly physical causes may appear gray. Why do hair get gray?

Cause of gray hair

Seen from the anatomical-physiological point of view, hair is pigmented horn thread. This looks quite sober, because mostly the own hair on the head a lot of attention and care is dedicated. With numerous shampoos, rinses, cures and other cosmetics especially for the hair, they are treated to preserve the predicate beautiful.

Hair does not just grow on your own head, with our hairstyle we usually also connect our personality. For the most part, gray hair does not fit into the ideal of beauty. When our hair turns gray, there is often a lot of effort to turn the gray back into color. And to take it straight away: Gray hair is not really gray, but actually colorless. For the human eye, on the other hand, the colorless hairs appear gray to white.

Gray hair: natural process

Our hair is structurally divided into the externally invisible hair root and the visible hair stem. There are cells in the hair roots, called melanocytes, which are responsible for coloring the hair. Because the color pigment melanin is produced in the melanocytes.

An important prerequisite for the production of melanin, however, is that our body produces sufficient amounts of tyrosine, an amino acid. If there is not enough tyrosine, no melanin is formed, instead air bubbles are deposited in the hair shaft. And these are then simply gray. Over the years, it is a completely natural process that melanin production slows down and our hairs gradually turn gray.

Gray hair at 20

Incidentally, melanin production is completely discontinued at a certain point in time and the result can be a completely gray coat. Usually, the graying of our hair begins at the temples, until finally the entire head hair turns gray. Gray hair does not have to be a cause for concern. They are already in our cradle, because from what age the hair turns gray can be traced back to a genetic predisposition.

Between the ages of 25 and 30, the discovery of the first gray hair is usually attributable to the natural aging process. But gray hair can also be a sign of serious illnesses and should be examined at the age of 20 and especially under 20 necessarily by a physician.

Stress and nutrition as possible causes

A balanced diet and avoidance of stress may help hair retain its natural hair color for longer. Because a nutritional deficiency, which can be caused by an unbalanced diet, may lead to the fact that melanin can only be produced insufficiently. Hyperacidity in the body could also be a possible cause of gray hair.

Whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and folic acid and therefore recommended for a balanced diet. Excessive drinking of coffee and alcohol, on the other hand, can lead to negative health consequences.

With color, visually bring new pigments into the hair

Even completely gray hair that is well-groomed can look attractive. But whoever feels more comfortable with color on the head at a certain age can optically dye dyes into their hair by dyeing or tinting. It should be noted, however, that in a dyeing usually hydrogen peroxide in the colorant are included. These can strain the hair and attack the hair structure. Anyone who decides to do so, the professional dyeing is recommended by a specialist.

An alternative to dyeing can also be the so-called renaturation. This results can be achieved, which come very close to the original hair color and thus radiate naturalness. However, this method is controversial because lead acetates are included. In addition, so far only the color results brown and black can be achieved.

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