Green Star: Eye in danger

Experts raise the alarm: tens of thousands are threatened with blindness because their Green Star is not recognized. The problem: The disease does not cause any discomfort in the initial stage. About one million Germans are diagnosed with glaucoma - one of the most common but preventable causes of blindness. And every tenth German over 40 has an elevated intraocular pressure.

Attention optic nerve!

This increase in intraocular pressure in glaucoma or cataracts can, if untreated, lead to progressive damage to the optic nerve and total blindness over time. "In Germany, about one million people are suffering from glaucoma, but only half of it is also treated, " states Prof. Günter Kriegstein of the University Eye Hospital Cologne. Around 50, 000 Germans face blindness if their illness is not recognized and treated as quickly as possible. The reason for the increase in internal pressure is a blockage of the drain, through which the so-called aqueous humor, which carries nutrients for the cornea and lens into the eye, can no longer run off sufficiently - the internal pressure increases.

In the beginning without complaints

The main problem of those affected: At least in the initial stage, the glaucoma makes no complaints at all. The glaucoma examination is a benefit of the statutory health insurance and can be settled on the health insurance card, if the treating ophthalmologist suspected of this disease, because the patient complains about about typical complaints. It is a fairy tale that the Green Star is caused by viruses or bacteria or by reading in bad light. Rather, risk factors include increased intraocular pressure, increasing age, hereditary predisposition, myopia and certain vascular diseases.

Recognized in time, medications can help well to drain excess aqueous humor or inhibit the formation of aqueous humor. Decisive is the conscientious and regular application.

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