progressive lenses

With age, eyesight diminishes. This is normal and not a cause for concern. Even people who have been out of their glasses all their lives can not at any time enjoy the morning newspaper reading or have difficulty working on the computer.

Why do we look worse in old age?

Sharp vision is the responsibility of a small circular muscle in the eye. This curls the lens of the eye and thus alters its refractive power - and thus also how sharply the image of reality is projected onto the retina. As you age, the lens loses its flexibility and can not focus accurately. Eyeglass lenses focus the light in front of the eyes and thus take over part of the work that would otherwise have to be done by the circular muscle.

Presbyopia and progressive lenses

In some cases, reading glasses help, but often a pair of glasses with multi-vision or progressive lenses is the better alternative. Especially the latter now offer unproblematic and comfortable vision in almost all situations. The old stories of the alleged incompatibility of progressive spectacles are no longer true. "In terms of glass development, so much has happened in recent years that can not be compared with the glass technology of ten or fifteen years ago, " says Ellen Zimmermann from the Munich-based eyewear manufacturer Rodenstock. "Today, an optometrist can deliver the right progressive lens for each of his customers."

Progress that you can feel

The compatibility of progressive lenses is now so good that even difficult situations such as stairs or long concentrated screen work are easy to handle. The promise of the industry to combine trouble-free vision with high visual and wearing comfort with progressive lenses seems to be fulfilled. Nevertheless, the development is not standing still. The latest trend of eyeglass lens manufacturers: the individual, free design of glass.

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