Health care: Positive thinking and acting

Self-made stress is often the cause of health disorders or illnesses. Add to that destructive thoughts and negative feelings. In order to regain his balance, man must actively promote his physical and mental health.

Health is learnable

The way of thinking and acting that serves health is called "salutogenesis". You could translate the word "recovery process". Salutogenesis does not necessarily mean smoking ban and raw food, but emphasizes the fun that a healthy life brings.

The aim of salutogenesis is a change in lifestyle: one learns to make many everyday decisions consciously in favor of health. Instead of passing on one's own health to medicine and remaining passive, one should feel responsible for oneself. Doctors should turn on the personal responsibility of their patients.

He who acts lives easier

By what means do some people manage to withstand even heavy burdens and to find their physical and mental balance over and over again? Salutogenesis research has found that one who has a more robust health can understand and act upon his world and its processes. The awareness of being responsible for one's own health, and the confidence to be able to do so, spur the body's self-healing powers.

When you look at people who have experienced "inexplicable healings", the same points that help to heal themselves emerge again and again:

  • Physical movement
    New momentum dissolves the previous rigidity, also on the mental level. Very important are physical tension and relaxation in a healthy change. This balance ensures the reduction of external and internal tension and cramps.
  • self-determination
    An understanding of the links between illness and health gives rise to the ability to decide on their own treatment. The patient becomes a doer by the end of his life - nothing else is called the "patient" in German. He gains the conviction that he can shape his own life. Previous beliefs are reviewed and eventually abandoned. Life is given a new meaning.
  • The power of thought
    Who makes positive and constructive thoughts, which promotes his inner self-healing powers. Instead of burdening oneself with thoughts and feelings of illness and malaise, we should imagine being freed from suffering or discomfort. Man should see himself in the spirit as he would like to be (goal setting). Here, pictorial ideas prove themselves. The fact that inner expectations can be effective can be repeatedly determined by the use of dummy medications (placebos). These "pills" contain no medicinal active ingredients. Nevertheless, in some patients the symptoms subsided when they are taken - by the power of positive expectancy.
  • Joie de vivre and humor
    Laughter, dancing and singing improve the oxygenation of the brain and release happiness hormones and analgesic endogenous substances. Laughter lowers heart rate and blood pressure, strengthens the immune system and stimulates digestion. People who like to laugh often have a measurably lower heart attack risk. The skeletal muscles relax, brain regions responsible for well-being are activated.
  • Relationships
    Adults spend their lives repeatedly in the same role-playing games. When things are dared in encrusted relationships with loved ones and "game roles" are changed, there is a chance of a new attitude to life. In addition, close friendships and a good partnership provide security in difficult life situations.
  • Positive sexuality
    Lust and life are closely linked. Sexual experience improves the life force.
  • Holistic thinking
    Body, soul and spirit complement each other. When problems occur in one of the three components, it is necessary to use the healing powers available from the other two areas. For example, a new intellectual challenge can alleviate depression and emotional balance can hone the mind.
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