Health-conscious behavior - what really does us good?

Health-conscious behavior should be rewarded in the future. Those who regularly take part in screening tests or preventive measures can receive a financial bonus from their health insurance in the future. The question is: What is "health-conscious behavior"? The fact is, health-conscious behavior must be trained.In many cases, lack of information and ignorance, but often also the infamous inner "bastard" the reason for unhealthy behavior.


  • Diets or gross one-sided nutrition (eg in vegans) can lead to deficiency symptoms.
  • Obesity: Obese children often become fat adults. Being overweight does not just mean that the pants do not fit anymore; Overweight means an increased risk z. For example, diabetes can get high blood pressure, heart attack or a stroke. Already in childhood, the foundation for health development or maldevelopment is laid. Therefore, children and adolescents must be moved to a health-conscious behavior as early as possible.
  • But eating is not only the source of our physical energy, but also crucial for the quality of life and thus the good mood. That's why we should learn to enjoy the food again:
    • Variety in the diet is the nuts and bolts.
    • Make eating again a priority. Cover the table nicely and decorate the dishes decoratively on your plate.
    • Chew every bite and feel the taste of the food. Take your time, because only after about 20 minutes does the hunger center in our brain report "full".
    • Very important is a lot to drink (at least 2 liters per day: water, herbal tea and diluted fruit juices).


    Movement is a vital need of man. The ability to move harmoniously, to perceive one's body and to feel healthy is an elementary experience. Movement means discovering well-being, pleasure and enjoyment of physical activity, the abilities of one's own body, and experiencing positive feelings and feelings. Movement with others means experiencing something about oneself, practicing and doing something together, being there and belonging to it. Whether cycling, swimming, gymnastics, ball games or just hiking: who keeps fit, strengthens the body - even against risks such as cancer. Exercise strengthens and regulates the function of all organs: muscles, heart, lungs, digestive system and much more.


    On average, humans need eight hours of sleep - one more, the other less. That means we spend about a third of our lives asleep - three to four times as long in bed as at work. And this time is the most important for our regeneration. Sufficient sleep, a healthy sleeping climate and a good bed play a decisive role in the quality of sleep in order to be fit and active again the next day.

    Relax and reflect

    To experience positive stress is good for us. Negative stress, on the other hand, should be kept within limits. Stress becomes dangerous when it brings us to the limit of exhaustion, or when it becomes a permanent state, because long-term stress is unhealthy. One sleeps too little, is more susceptible to common colds, eats irregularly and does not feel like moving. Whether we experience an event as "stressful" in the negative sense, we often determine ourselves through our very personal evaluation of the event.

    What can help?

    Anyone who wants to have his peace will find it in the end only in itself. Anyone who consciously makes contact with his body begins practicing everyday mindfulness. As we learn to consciously communicate and understand our body, the body can regain its inner balance.
    • Helpful techniques include: Autogenic training, breathing or relaxation exercise, muscle relaxation according to Jacobsen
    • Laughter does not only do our psyche, but also physically good. Whoever laughs for a minute, feels as refreshed afterwards as if he or she had completed a relaxation training for three quarters of an hour. Laughers have found that out.
    • Paracelsus said: "First the crowd makes the poison." So it is with all things of life, too much always harms!

Healthy life is fun!

Growing pressure, lack of exercise, wrong nutrition make you sick. Health-conscious behavior on the other hand benefits everyone - young or old. It is the awareness and right action towards one's own, precious health. When we are mentally and physically healthy, then there is an inner balance in our body. So let's treat ourselves, which is good for us!

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