Health today - take responsibility now

The age of comprehensive health mentality is long gone. Our social system assigns to the patient a sovereignty - the more self-responsibility for the maintenance of health. Changes over time, such as excess health care, also make provision for the patient to be economically necessary.

The emergence of many civilization diseases is highly dependent on the behavior of the individual. This is in contradiction to the practice, which is still common today, that a patient gives up his or her health problems at the doctor, as it were - thus blaming the doctor for the solution of his or her problems.

The responsibility for one's own health

This attitude is not only unhealthy - it is fatal. Because no doctor in the world can take over the lifestyle and thus the health for a patient. This responsibility has always been with each individual, but was only by the health care reform quite obvious.

An unhealthy lifestyle, a risky lifestyle or excessive work or everyday burdens have their health costs, which everyone has to pay for. But not only the lifestyle is under scrutiny. Developing a sense for one's own body, taking preventive examinations and taking adequate measures in case of health problems - that too is required.

Own responsibility also offers a great opportunity. For example, if diseases are detected and treated more quickly, they can protect patients from the dire fate of chronification or even fail to break out properly.

First check, then change

  • How important is my health to me? How carefully do I deal with myself?
  • What is my lifestyle, how much physical activity do I do?
  • How do I feed myself?
  • How important is a healthy lifestyle?
  • Which life goals do I have and which restrictions do I accept?
  • How healthy do I live?
  • How much am I willing to invest to change unfavorable ways of life? Say: how much am I really worth?

Those who do sports regularly, eat properly and consciously relax, maintain a healthy lifestyle - they pay attention to their health. Those who motivate themselves and their children towards a healthy attitude to life and live according to them are responsible for taking care of their health for the rest of their lives.

How can changes be made?

The truth is: the lack of self-responsibility today is a health policy problem. But it is also true that people need competent support to learn new behaviors and implement them permanently:

  • Better information opportunities
  • New approaches in education, prevention and therapy
  • An additional insurance for the GKV for health problems. In the offers there are great differences, so not only look at the post, but inform about the benefits.
  • Training for patients with chronic diseases. There are special requirements for the quality of these training courses.

A look into the future

Today, people are much more confronted with changes in their living conditions and the need for new beginnings. It is therefore important to focus on the future. Not to complain about what was, but to take the opportunity now to choose the right solution to the problem, namely to live independently.

A good example of this is diabetes. It used to be thought that diabetes had to be handled according to strictly regulated rules. Today it is different, the patient should "manage" his illness in consultation with the doctor. But this does not mean the end of all reforms.

Another probable scenario is that people who become ill through their lives, such as smokers or people doing risky sports, may in future have to pay for self-inflicted sickness or accidents themselves so that they are no longer charged to the insurance community. Conversely, much more autonomous living will be rewarded in the future.

For this reason, it makes sense today to check his lifestyle for any risks and to take more responsibility. It will not be left to us anyway!

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