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We spend about 80 to 90 percent of the day indoors - most of it in our own four walls. Healthy living conditions in the home are therefore important for well-being and health.


Since 1993, asbestos has been banned in Germany - but earlier it was used universally, was considered a panacea. Asbestos sources can still be found in the household today. Examples are night storage ovens, insulation boards, insulation and backs of frayed PVC floors. Anyone who suspects asbestos in his apartment, should not start under any circumstances z. For example, tearing out old floors, because improper work is harmful to your health.

The most dangerous are the resulting fibers of the asbestos - they are inhaled, they can be carcinogenic. It is recommended that the old surface be ripped out by a special company and completely covered with new flooring.

Leading through old pipes

Lead - even in slight traces - acts as a chronic poison and deposits in the bones, brain and teeth. It affects the nervous and immune system, makes it susceptible to infections. Lead-exposed children show problems of intelligence, learning and concentration.

If you live in a house that was built before 1960, it could be that lead pipes were laid. Lead pipes are still installed in 10 to 30 percent of the old buildings according to estimates of the Federal Environment Agency. Unlike copper and steel pipes, lead pipes are often slightly bent and sound dull when being knocked down with a screwdriver.

Flooring and carpets

The flooring affects indoor climate, acoustics, walking comfort, air hygiene and well-being. For a possible pollutant load, there may be the following reasons:

  • the materials themselves
  • possibly used glue or
  • Reaction products of adhesive and flooring.

Floor coverings can release numerous substances that are hazardous to health. Outgassing of hazardous substances such as formaldehyde or even PCP are repeatedly detected, especially in low-cost imports. Hidden dangers: PVC floors contain ecologically harmful plasticisers, stuck-on carpets can evaporate solvents. Carpets made of natural materials are often treated with pyrethroids, an insecticide, to protect against moths.

Tip: Short-pile carpets bind dust and protect allergy sufferers. The carpet tense rather than stick, which reduces the burden of solvents and even before buying - ask exactly, because "pollutant-tested" does not mean in any case "pollutant-free".


Electrosmog includes all the electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic fields. Electrical and magnetic fields arise where power line, cables and transmitters are present. Every electrical installation as well as the operation of household appliances generate low-frequency electric and magnetic fields. If the distance usual for the use is kept, the fields of the devices are small.

High-frequency electromagnetic fields are generated by cordless phones, mobile phones, cell phone shielding products, wireless "networks", wireless headphones, microwave or baby monitors. In Germany limits are set for low-frequency electric and magnetic fields with 50 Hz (household electricity) and 16 2/3 Hz (electrified traffic systems) as well as high-frequency electromagnetic fields from 10 MHz. To minimize risks: Avoid exposure to electromagnetic fields more than necessary.


Air contaminated with pollutants can cause health problems. The problem: most of the pollutants are taken to the apartment without realizing it and - some toxins also react with each other, their effect can even increase.

Formaldehyde can be emitted from chipboards or cabinets, solvents from paints and adhesives, pyrethriles from wool carpets, softeners from carpets and wallpapers, PCBs from joint sealants, PCP and other wood preservatives from attics and wall coverings. If unexplained health problems occur, you should consult a medical expert and consult an environmental hygienist to check the living space.


  • Document the symptoms that occur. Try to narrow the complaints spatially (for example, by room). Are there danger carriers z. B. molds or pungent odors obvious?
  • Go to the doctor for health problems
  • Are animals or plants affected by damage?
  • Are in the environment of the apartment possible pollutant emitters z. As factories, dry cleaning etc.
  • Have problematic building materials been used in the home or furniture, eg chipboard, lead pipes, wood preservatives, etc.?
  • Have you only had the complaints since you made a new purchase for the apartment?

Tip: It should never be too much of a material in a room.

House dust mites

Mites are among the most common allergens. They feed on dander and mold. Her feces stick to dust, circulate in dry air and are inhaled. Tips: Ventilate regularly, mite-proof linens, wash sheets at 60 degrees, and iron hot.

A natural alternative to combating house dust mites is the active ingredient of the neem tree. Endangered people should treat the apartment once a year - preferably in the spring.


Always enough heating, not too much. Temperature monotony should be avoided. Better to set different temperatures in all rooms. When it gets very cold outside, close windows at night, otherwise the body will cool down and sleep will not be restful. The "overturning" by open doors between warm and cold rooms - mold!


A fly swatter is healthier than the handle to the insecticide. An insect screen keeps mosquitoes and flies out. It also keeps 87% of the pollen outside the apartment. Also suitable are so-called pheromone traps. These are glue boards that contain harmless sexual fragrances from insects that attract similar males.

Kitchen - working heights

The working height in the kitchen should be adjusted to the body size. The wrong height leads to a bent posture, back pain and tension. The ergonomically favorable working height for heavy tasks (eg kneading dough) is between 20 and 30 centimeters below the standing elbows. In light work (vegetable cleaning), one goes from a comfortable working height of 10-15 centimeters below the elbow height.


Noise is harmful to your health and you never get used to it. Windows and doors are weak points. Place the heat protection window in the stop or seal it all around - keeps sound out. Seal or double doors. Children trampling in the apartment you stop with a rug. He absorbs sound and improves the room acoustics.

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