Healthy breakfast - springboard in the (school) day

After six weeks of summer holidays, around 10 million children and adolescents in Germany say: Get out of bed and off to school. In the morning bustle, however, lacks the time in many families for a breakfast together. Every fourth child occasionally leaves the house on an empty stomach, taking surveys.

A false start with consequences, because children are in the growth phase particularly dependent on the energy supply after the nocturnal sleep break. If their energy reserves are not replenished in the morning, concentration and performance will suffer.

What does the perfect breakfast look like?

A wholesome, healthy breakfast includes:

  • Dairy products: milk, yoghurt, quark and cheese
  • Cereal products: wholegrain bread, rolls, dark grain bread (rye bread), wholegrain flakes
  • Fruit or vegetables suitable for nibbling: carrots, kohlrabi, radishes, peppers ...
  • Occasionally an egg or low-fat, not too spicy sausage in small quantities
  • Sweet (only in small quantities): dried fruit (trail mix), honey, hazelnut cream, jam or honey.
  • Drinks (eg fruit tea, milk or cocoa)

Why calcium is so important

In the composition of the breakfast is to pay particular attention to a sufficient supply of calcium. For the construction of teeth and bones, a daily intake of 900 to 1, 200 milligrams of calcium is recommended for children of school age.

Calcium is particularly abundant in cheese and other dairy products. For example, Allgäu Emmentaler is a true calcium wonder: 100 grams contain 1, 000 milligrams of the important mineral. But even in the mildly popular with small Dreikäsehochs mild varieties such as German Gouda, Edam and butter cheese is abundant calcium.

Cheese as part of a healthy breakfast

In addition, cheese contains a lot of magnesium, which fulfills important tasks in the interaction of nerves and muscles. Cheese is also a valuable vitamin donor that supplies the body with, among other things, B-group vitamins needed to control metabolic processes and to regenerate cells.

If the child has no appetite in the morning

If nothing is eaten in the morning, the next meal often leads to "overeating" or, if the choice is made, to a selection of often very caloric foods. In the long term, this carries the risk of being overweight. A too full stomach also bothers.

Breakfast mustaches are not forced to eat. But even with small changes in the morning family life can be achieved much.

Parents should lead by example: Instead of just drinking a sip of coffee, experts advise to take time for a breakfast together with the children.

Bring your family to the taste

The more interesting the breakfast is, the sooner the first meal of the day will be pleasant. A colorful set in the child's favorite colors can arouse hunger as well as variety on the breakfast menu.

First and second breakfast should be complementary. As a rule of thumb, the smaller the breakfast at home, the bigger the snack should be for the school.

Even with the little ones eats the eye with. Therefore, the break breakfast should be packaged in a practical plastic box so that it looks delicious even after hours. You should also give a drink for the break.

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