Healthy eating starts when shopping

An all-round healthy balanced diet is more than just products and their preparation. She already starts in the supermarket. The intentions are great, selection and offers during shopping, however, too. With a few tricks and simple rules you keep track of future visits to the supermarket.

Everything just the power of habit?

You probably know it: Only at home do you notice that you have bought too many and ultimately not necessarily necessary articles. How often do you access articles on the shelf without thinking about them? Is it the colorful packaging, the current offer or the pure habit? The selection of individual articles usually happens subconsciously and out of a reflex. A few tips will help you to make a conscious decision when shopping in the supermarket.

Before every purchase, think about what you want to prepare and what ingredients are needed. Make a list of the foods you need, preferably for a few days and meals in advance. And do not enter the supermarket with a hungry stomach, which leads to spontaneous and usually superfluous purchases.

The ingredients of a healthy diet

In addition to fruits and vegetables, carbohydrates, dairy products, meat and fish, the healthy and balanced diet also includes fats, oils and drinks. Only in the right combination do they make an optimal diet. This includes a fluid intake of one to three liters per day. When choosing drinks, you prefer water, juices and tea and avoid sugary drinks. As easy and fast as they are prepared, you should avoid ready meals as much as possible. Ready meals usually contain a lot of calories and additional chemicals that the body does not need. But once the cravings are great, it is also possible to make an exception.

One apple a day ...

Fruits and vegetables are healthy and contain many vitamins, minerals and fiber. They are tasty, varied in flavor and usually contain little carbohydrates and hardly any fat. Enjoy fruits and vegetables carefree and several times a day, even as a perfect snack in between. Let the supermarket inspire you with a variety of fruits and vegetables and try something new more often. Many vegetables can be combined very well during cooking.

But do not buy too much, because shelf life is limited. Power for the body Meat, fish and carbohydrates are the source of energy for our bodies. But here, too, the right choice is crucial. Cereal and whole grains are healthier, better tolerated and contain less sugar. This is especially true for bread, rolls or pasta and rice. The important proteins for the body and high-quality fatty acids provide meat and fish.

Choose fresh and low-fat goods - this is noticeable in taste and wholesomeness. For dairy products, the selection of low-fat products or in small portions is recommended. Equally important to the body are fats and oils. The differences are big: prefer olive oil and margarine instead of butter. A bread with jam tastes just as good with quark as it does with butter.

A sweet temptation

Sweets, snacks and chocolates sometimes have to be and they make you happy if you enjoy them in moderation. Just here, the temptation in the supermarket is great. Because what you have once bought, is also eaten quickly. Choose one or two products that you like and do not buy more than you really need. Take more time with your next purchase and select individual items carefully. This not only allows you to compare prices, but sometimes discovers new products or important information about ingredients and nutritional information on the packaging. Because healthy nutrition begins with the selection and purchase of food.

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