Healthy gain: Tips

Tips for healthy muscle building

In addition to proper nutrition, sport is an important factor in being able to grow healthily. Because the weight is only stored in the form of fat, the risk of cardiovascular disease increases. Targeted muscle growth is achieved through the combination of regular exercise and protein-rich nutrition. Light weight training and gymnastics are ideal in the beginning - both sports that can be followed in a gym.

Regular training is important

Many studios also offer professional instruction courses to help them get started. Alternatives are sports clubs or simply a friendly training partner. Exercise in the wild also enhances your appetite - a short walk before lunch is therefore highly recommended. It is important to train two or three times a week for at least 30 minutes. Endurance training should be avoided in the phase of muscle building, as it promotes weight loss.

Smokers should rethink their habits: Because smoking not only has a negative effect on exercise capacity, but also boosts the metabolism, which precludes successful weight gain.

Special case children

Many parents almost despair because their little critics do not like eating - or at least not what comes on the table. However, these periods of resistance are quite normal, almost every child goes through them. The reason is often the desire for attention or a showdown with the adults.

However, it can be problematic if the refusal to eat persists for a long time and symptoms such as listlessness and fatigue are added. Then it's time to consult a doctor.

The following tips encourage children to eat:

  • Eating together with the whole family - if possible at fixed times
  • At the dining table avoid distractions, such as toys, television or even disputes
  • No sweets, snacks or whatsoever before eating
  • Infants touch the food and let it smell
  • Decorate the meal attractively - the eye eats with it

Weight loss in old age - when nothing tastes good

In old age you lose weight slightly; The metabolism is shut down, the energy requirement is lower and chewing and swallowing complicate the food. Also it comes to a loss of responsible for the taste sensation nerve endings - everything tastes the same. But especially older people are more susceptible to infection and should stay active.

If everything tastes bland, intensive spices (with the exception of salt) can help. Food intake is facilitated by pureeing and rasping the food. Also, drinking food from the pharmacy, homemade fruit compote, quark, rice pudding and cream puddings are alternatives to counteract a weight loss in old age.

10 food tips for a quick weight gain

  • Salads with oil dressings, olives and sunflower seeds
  • Soups with oils and creme fraiche
  • Pickled vegetables in oil, for example tomatoes
  • Steamed vegetables refined with rapeseed oil, butter or cream
  • Fish and meat, also baked as casseroles with cheese
  • cream sauces
  • Fruit compote with whipped cream and nuts
  • cream puddings
  • Milkshakes and yoghurt drinks
  • Snacks such as chocolate, nuts, dried fruit and biscuits
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