Healthy snowboarding

Over six million German skiers and snowboarders are drawn to snowy slopes and slopes in winter. But many snowboard departures end at the hospital instead of at the valley station. That's why you should prepare early for the upcoming snowboard season, preferably in autumn. If you are particularly at risk and how to take precautions, read here. It can be reduced to a simple denominator: those who are not healthy should not go snowboarding.

Snowboarding requires physical fitness

Even a cold or flu can bring snowboarders who have not acclimatized on slopes from 1, 800 meters in height in trouble. Even people who are treated with antibiotics should exercise caution and carefully study the package leaflet. Some preparations increase the sensitivity to light and the result can be a painful sunburn after snowboarding.

Iron deficiency can also cause snowboarders to spin on the slopes. Because athletes and women often have an increased demand for iron, which can not be compensated with food alone. The reason for the often unnoticed iron deficiency in women is the monthly blood loss. Athletes, on the other hand, need a lot of iron in their blood for oxygen transport to their muscles.

Those who can not cover their needs with food should therefore think of an iron supplement that conveniently contains vitamin C or is taken with a drink containing vitamin C. This improves iron absorption and at the same time supports the immune system in the fight against winter germs.

Build condition already in the fall

Snowboarders should train their physical condition and muscle strength as early as autumn - for example, by jogging, cycling or classical ski gymnastics.

Important: Do not climb onto the board immediately after arrival in the snowboard area. Acclimation is essential for the body, so it does not suddenly give up when snowboarding. Even on the second day you should not venture too high. Because even for healthy people it can be dangerous at 3, 000 meters altitude, because the heart and circulation must first get used to the thin air.

Protection against cold

From minus 20 degrees Celsius, you also have to protect yourself from frostbite. Fatty ointments to protect the skin, possibly a neoprene face mask and silk gloves under the snowboard gloves can help here.

And of course, of course, alcohol has no more to do with snowboarding than on the road. Alcohol dilates the blood vessels and allows the body to cool down faster, but above all, it is often the cause of falls and accidents when snowboarding: Already slightly drunk tend to drive faster than usual and underestimate dangers. Therefore: Stay away from alcohol while snowboarding!

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