Eat healthy at the Christmas market

The Advent and Christmas season is just around the corner - and sweet treats are waiting for us on every corner: Cookies, dominoes, galleries and more are just a part of Christmas time. And at the Christmas market you would like to relinquish a cup of mulled wine or a bag of roasted almonds reluctant. Unfortunately, the sweet treats contain a lot of calories. And savory dishes such as bratwurst or potato pancakes are not exactly slimming products. So that you can still look after the holidays without a guilty conscience on the scales, we present you healthy alternatives to the largest calorie bombs.

Burgunderschinken instead of bratwurst

Bratwursts are among the typical treats at the Christmas market. Now and then the snack is perfectly allowed, but those who access more often have to expect negative consequences for the figure: Bratwursts contain a lot of fat and calories. If you order ketchup, fries or mayonnaise in addition to the sausage, such a meal can quickly add up to around 1000 calories.

If you fancy something hearty, instead of having a sausage, grab a burgundy ham roll. 100 grams of savory ham bring it to only about 280 calories. In addition, burgundy ham contains little fat compared to bratwurst - but tastes at least as good.

Schupfnudeln with sauerkraut instead of potato pancakes

Freshly fried potato pancakes are among the tastiest temptations at the Christmas market. Unfortunately, they are also among the largest calorie bombs: it can bring up to 700 calories a serving of potato pancakes (3 pieces) with applesauce. Because the hearty buffers are full of fat.

Try it instead of the potato pancakes with a portion of Schupfnudeln with sauerkraut. This will not only save you calories, but will also do something good for your immune system, because sauerkraut contains valuable potassium and iron. 100 grams of Schupfnudeln bring it to about 100 calories, in addition to 25 calories for the same amount of sauerkraut.

Alternatively, you can also grab a corncob or a portion of mushrooms. A salted corn on the cob only contains just over 100 calories, so if you want, you can treat yourself to a dollop of herbal butter. Mushrooms are also relatively low in calories, but they are often sold in cream sauce at the Christmas market. One serving will then bring it to around 290 calories.

Baked apple instead of glazed apple

Glazed apples - also called Paradise apples - light up on the Christmas market from all sides. Although apples are healthy in themselves, the red icing around the apple causes its calorie content to skyrocket. Depending on its size, a glazed apple will bring about 200 calories.

A healthier but no less tasty alternative is a baked apple. The apple in itself, depending on its size, produces around 70-80 calories. If you add some vanilla sauce, the dessert contains just over 100 calories.

However, if the baked apple is still filled with jam, nuts, raisins or marzipan, the calorie content can quickly increase to as much as 200 calories. Then the best thing to do is to share the apple, so you do not have to do without anything and still save a few calories.

Hot chestnuts prefer roasted almonds

Burnt almonds or roasted macadamia nuts lure us every year at the Christmas market with their seductive smell again. Almonds and nuts are healthy, but also relatively high in calories. And the thick sugar crust around the almonds does not make the treat even healthier: It brings a 100-gram bag of roasted almonds to about 500 calories.

Instead of burning almonds, grab a bag of hot chestnuts instead. They taste just as delicious and also contain many healthy fatty acids. However, chestnuts are significantly lower in fat and calories: this is how you save about 300 calories compared to a bag of roasted almonds.

Pepper nuts instead of shortbread cookies

Cookies are simply a part of Advent and Christmas, but sweet treats are a treat: they usually contain lots of sugar and fat. Cookies, macaroons & Co. are allowed to treat themselves from time to time, but only in moderation. A healthier alternative is pepper nuts, which only bring about 25 calories per piece.

You should only eat gingerbread once in a while. The gingerbread hearts that are sold at the Christmas market look nice, but they also contain a lot of calories: A 200-gram gingerbread heart beats around 600 to 800 calories, depending on the decoration.

Better cider than mulled wine with a dash

A cup of hot mulled wine is definitely part of a Christmas market visit for many adults. But beware: mulled wine is a true calorie bomb! The abundant sugar in the wine makes a cup of about 250 calories to book. If the mulled wine is served with a shot, it is even around 300 calories.

A cup of hot cider is a much smaller sin. The sweet wine is in no way inferior to mulled wine, but contains only about 50 calories. You can grab a second cup without a guilty conscience. Other recommended alternatives are a glass of hot orange juice (about 80 calories) or hot elderberry juice (about 80 calories).

Treat yourself to something

In the Advent and Christmas time, you should not even spasmodically look at the calorie content of the smaller or larger treats, but to take a rest. If you laugh at the Christmas market, a sausage or a portion of potato pancakes, take it easy. But then do without the dessert or choose at least one healthy alternative. The next day is just a little more fruits and vegetables on the menu - it is important that you do not lose the right balance between healthy food and feasting.

In addition, make sure you have enough exercise during the Advent season: Take a little walk after the Christmas market visit, for example, or take an extra session of sports on the weekend. So you can quickly reduce the additional calories taken.

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