Swollen eyes

After a short night, the next morning, you often see a pale face with swollen eyes. Even in mourning phases, it is understandable when the eyes are spooked and look fat. But what if the eyes swell over and over again without lack of sleep or crying?

There are many stimuli that can cause problems for our sensitive eyes. If the eyes are swollen again and again, you should get to the bottom of the problem: Here are a variety of causes that could be behind your swollen eyes.

Allergies as a cause of swollen eyes

The causes of swollen eyes are varied. However, if one observes the subtle differences between the symptoms, one often succeeds in recognizing and eliminating the trigger.

Very often, allergies are the trigger of swollen eyes. Then both eyes are usually affected: they itch, are reddened and tear. Sometimes the conjunctiva is also swollen. In most cases the trigger is seasonal pollen, animal hair or mites. To determine the cause more accurately, you can do an allergy test.

7 tips against typical allergy triggers

  • Pollen fly in the morning rather in the morning, in the city in the evening. If possible, stay in the house at these times.
  • Before going to bed, wash your hair to rinse off any pollen that sticks to it.
  • Worn clothes should not be kept in the bedroom as these can be pollen carriers.
  • Fly screens in front of the windows can minimize the pollen concentration.
  • Keep the windows closed while driving.
  • When planning your holiday, pay attention to the regional, season-dependent pollen concentration.
  • If you are allergic to mites you should change your sheets frequently.

If all these measures do not help, you can also treat your allergy medically. Ask your doctor which product is best for you and your situation.

Dry eyes: harbinger of swollen eyes

Some people are sensitive to certain cosmetics, medicines or contact lenses. In this case, avoid the trigger by, for example, using natural cosmetics or changing the contact lens type. Often contact lenses dry out the eyes during the day and cause swelling at night. Remedy can create special day and night lenses.

Because dry eyes cause mild inflammation - the swelling is a physiological reaction to it. Even working in front of the computer or dry heating air can lead to dry eyes.

Lid Infection: A case for the ophthalmologist

Another cause of a swollen eye area may be an infection of the eyelid. In contrast to allergy, the affected eye is additionally overheated. If this symptom occurs, a doctor should be consulted as the infection may spread to the whole eye. If there is simultaneous fever and pain, quick action is indicated.

Swollen eyes in the morning

If you have swollen eyes especially in the morning, it may be due to a congestion of the lymph. Due to the horizontal position during sleep, this important for the immune system body fluid flows from worse. Remedies can be to increase sleeping posture or regular lymphatic drainage.

With the help of a carer roller, you can also become active yourself: Gently massage the lower eye area by moving the nurse roller down from the inside out and at the side edge of the eye.

Sometimes even a high salt meal may cause swollen eyes in the morning the night before. If you are more likely to have swollen eyes you should avoid too much salted food in the evening. You should also make sure you drink enough and avoid alcohol.

For chronically swollen eyes, it is advisable to be thoroughly examined by a doctor. For even serious diseases of the heart or kidney, hypertension or hypothyroidism can hide behind chronically swollen eyes.

Swollen eye after stroke or push

A swollen eye can also be caused by an external impact of force on the eye, for example, after a blow or a shock. In this case, a bruise usually forms that can extend around the eye like a spectacle.

The first aid measure consists in cooling the affected eye area. However, there must be no pressure on the eye. In addition, an ophthalmologist should be consulted promptly to rule out an internal eye injury or fractures.

Proven home remedies for thick eyes

If you have only occasionally problems with swollen eyes and would like to do something easily without much effort, so offer some home remedies for treatment. Cold is pleasant for swollen eyes and also decongestant: pamper your eye area with a cooling cucumber mask or place a cold tea bag on the swollen eyelids. It is also a good idea to put a tablespoon in the refrigerator and, if necessary, to cool your eyes for five minutes.

Other aids you will find in any drugstore or drugstore are dehydrating creams or eye pads. These products contain active ingredients such as caffeine or green tea, which are said to have a decongestant effect.

Hemorrhoidal ointment against swollen eyes?

One trick that sweat-eye models use is putting a thin layer of hemorrhoidal ointment under their eyes. Such creams have a vasoconstrictive effect and thereby counteract swelling.

However, caution is advised here: Some products contain cortisone, which makes the skin thin and papery. In addition, the ingredient lidocaine - a painkiller - can cause a numb feeling in the creamy batch. Therefore, you should use hemorrhoidal ointment only for its actual purpose and not on the face.

Puffy eyes cleverly overlap

With a few simple tricks you can cleverly cover your swollen eyes: Do not use a concealer or bright eyeshadow on swollen eyes because they will wear. Instead, just shower the outer eyelashes and let the eyeliner run diagonally upwards to create a lifting effect.

Finally, it should not be forgotten that enough sleep is the prerequisite for a bright eye-opener. Only those who are rested can mediate this through their eyes.

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