Sexual Organs - Role of Hormones

What role do hormones play on the genitals?

In order to function, the sex organs need hormones, in addition they produce important sex hormones, which are essential for the formation of secondary sexual characteristics or pregnancy.

At the woman

At the onset of puberty, the hormones from the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, two important parent centers in the brain, affect the ovaries, forming various hormones - estrogens and progesterone.

The estrogens promote breast development, lead to the maturation of the oocytes, play an important role in the menstrual cycle and also during pregnancy. In addition, they also have an influence on other organs in the body: they influence bone formation - that's why women are so susceptible to osteoporosis after menopause - build body mass and act on behavior and mood.

Progesterone is particularly important during pregnancy, as it has a supporting effect on the uterus and the embryo.

With the man

The hormones from hypothalamus and pituitary lead in men from puberty to increased production of androgens, the male sex hormones, of which testosterone is the most important. It is responsible for the growth of testicles and penis and for sperm maturation; On the body, it affects facial hair growth and voice breakage, the buildup of body mass and male appearance and leads to the male behavior patterns - too much testosterone can make you aggressive.

How do the sexual organs change over the course of life?

Although the reproductive organs are already created during embryonic development and even the germ cells, ie the egg and sperm cells, are already present as precursors in the unborn child. However, the actual start of their activity takes place only at puberty and extends to the woman into the menopause, in which the ovaries slowly stop their hormone production and no monthly bleeding more trigger.

In men, the concentration of testosterone and thus the ability to procreate into old age is constant. A sexual union is possible into old age - however, alter the external genitalia in such a way that the vaginal glands produce less vaginal secretions and in men rarely an erection occurs. Both sexual partners also usually need a longer sexual stimulation to get in the mood.

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