Genital organs - diseases of the sexual organs

What are the diseases of the sexual organs?

Among the most common diseases of the genital organs include sexually transmitted diseases, breast cancer as the most common cancer of the woman and benign prostate enlargement in men. In addition, women often have vaginal infections, fibroids or menstrual anomalies.

Stigmatization of venereal diseases

Diseases of the genitalia are often provided by those affected despite the many education campaigns with the stigma of "something offensive" are considered a taboo subject and then misunderstood shame late treatment, resulting in contagious infectious diseases to a wider spread of the pathogens and in cancer can lead to poorer chances of recovery.


In addition, in the industrialized countries, up to 20% of all partnerships are now childless, with the causes being about 30% each for men, women or both partners. A couple is considered infertile if, despite unprotected intercourse over a period of one to two years, no pregnancy occurs.

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