History of Coca-Cola


The triumph of Coca-Cola began in May 1886 in a drugstore called "Jacob's Pharmacy". The pharmacist John S. Pemberton had produced a novel tonic from the coca plant and the cola nut. He sold the tonic mixed with soda water, as a medicine for headaches and fatigue under the name Coca-Cola. Quickly, Coca-Cola was a refreshing and thirst quenching drink rather than a cure. In 1892, "The Coca-Cola Company" was created and in 1916 the bottle got its unmistakable hip swing and the Coca-Cola logo, which has remained until today. Over several decades, the slogan changed and new flavors came to it, but the recipe of Coca-Cola was always the same.

Healthy or not?

Even today, Coca-Cola can be used in an emergency - because of the high sugar content - in combination with salt sticks for diarrhea, but as a drug Coca-Cola certainly can not be described. Coca-Cola is a fast source of energy due to its high sugar content. The sugar not only makes us feel good, it is also the most important source of energy for our muscle, brain and nerve cells. But watch out: sugar is also responsible for increasing. Although it does not have as many calories as fat, it does the same thing when consumed heavily - we are increasing! Not to mention, sugar is also harmful to the teeth because it can cause tooth decay.

The golden rule of thumb: No matter what it is, too much of it is always bad!

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