History of the Easter fire

The fire was already sacred to humans in antiquity. The 6 Vestals (ancient Roman priestesses of the Vesta) had to ensure that never the holy fire went out.

Custom easter fire

The Easter bonfire stands as a symbol for the sun. This is the center of our life. Without the sun, no life is possible in this world. With the Easter fires the sun was welcomed in spring. The fires were also considered a cult to safeguard fertility, growth and harvest. Furthermore, the sun stands as a winner over the winter and for the awakening after a long, cold time. The importance of spring fires was transferred to God and Jesus in France in the eighth century.

Christian Easter Fire

Our present Christian Easter fire thus comes from the heathen spring fires. In the belief, the Easter light is the starting point of our lives. The firing of the Easter Holy Fire at Easter is a central event for Christians. The fire is lit and consecrated in front of the church on Easter Eve - at the beginning of the liturgy. At the Easter fire, the Easter candle is lit, which is then carried in solemn procession in the still dark church.

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