History of the condom

Contraception has been a topic for quite some time, as one might believe. Before the condom with synthetic skin in small square plastic packages went over the counter, one had to use animal organ shells to restrict the "blessing". 3200 years ago, the Cretan king Minos is said to have used fish bubbles to prevent pregnancy and disease.

Dr. Condom as inventor?

Another theory says that the actual inventor (and eponym) of the English doctor Dr. med. Condom was who recommended in the 17th century mutton intestines for contraception and infection prevention.

Where the name condom comes from

According to a linguistic interpretation, the name condom of Condom / Condum comes from the morphemes con 'with' and doma / duma 'dom', 'dome', 'vault', 'roof', 'house' for the subject above.

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