Gerontology - Outlook


Despite all the limitations, many older people say well into their eighth decade of life that they are basically very happy with their lives, their quality of life leaves little to be desired and they are actively involved in various areas, so that we younger people are optimistic about the future can look!

Tips for healthy aging

  • As they say? Movement is half the life. And in fact, if you make sure that you move around for at least half an hour every day to make you work up a sweat, your body's bone and muscle mass will not break down that much and your muscle power will be maintained - along with training your balance organ.
  • Eat a lot of herbal food with plenty of fiber - so you help your intestines with digestion, the dwell time of the intestinal food in the intestine decreases and diverticula occur less frequently.
  • Be sure to use oils with high levels of unsaturated fatty acids - this will protect your vessels and help your brain get off the ground.
  • Take a lot of fluids daily - this will help your kidneys and skin aging will start later.
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