Generics are medicines that contain the same active ingredients as the original patented first-line medicines. Despite the high quality, generic drugs are much cheaper.

How come the significant price differences?

Pharmaceutical companies have their medicines patented by their own research and thus secure a monopoly for many years in the marketing of these medicines. This means that these companies do not have to fear any other competitors when it comes to pricing and can therefore demand high prices.

However, if the first-party patent expires on a drug for up to 25 years, other drug companies, such as STADA, can also manufacture these long-proven medicines and offer them at significantly lower prices. These medicines are called generics.

Who can look forward to the low prices!

Many generic drugs are available over the counter in your pharmacy. Here you can benefit directly as a patient from the significant price differences. You have the choice: more expensive preparations from the first-party supplier or low-cost generic drugs with identical active ingredients and the same quality. Just compare the prices yourself! It will be worthwhile for you to ask in the pharmacy specifically for over-the-counter alternatives!

But even the prescription generic, which can only prescribe your doctor, have significant savings in our health care system. And of course we are all helped, because we all want our health system to be affordable and our health insurance contributions stable. By the way: more than 50% of the medical prescriptions in Germany are already generic.

Are there quality differences?

All medicinal products authorized in Germany are subject to the same stringent examinations and quality controls by the state supervisory authorities as the original preparations. Even a generic must meet the respective requirement profile without any compromises in all points. Here, the efficacy and tolerability of the generic corresponds to that of the originally patented drug. Experience and diligence in the development and approval and competence in production guarantee doctors and patients product and therapy safety.

Without fancy name, but for cheap!

Although there are no differences in terms of quality, the original patented medicines of the first-time suppliers have a small difference to the generics: They are sold with a nice-sounding fantasy name. Generic packaging, on the other hand, is quite simple and practical: The name is almost always composed of the name of the drug and the name of the drug manufacturer (eg Ginkgo Stada®).

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