Poultry - the DDD certificate of origin

Not only in the preparation, but also when buying poultry meat, there are a few little things that should be considered: The visual impression and the best before date are certainly crucial criteria. Another important feature is the regional origin, because there are considerable differences in terms of husbandry and rearing within Europe and even more so compared to third countries.

DDD origin

The German poultry industry has created a clear orientation guide for purchasing with the DDD certificate of origin, which stands for the birth, rearing and slaughtering of poultry in Germany. The open identification of origin serves as clear and decisive information for the consumer as well.

A quick look at the poultry packaging is enough: it can be easily determined from the label whether the poultry comes from Germany and thus meets the high standards that are set in this country to the production and processing standards.

It's worth taking a look at the label

Legal regulations regulate which information must be listed on the label. However, the mark of origin, where consumers can identify the country in which the poultry were born, reared and slaughtered, is voluntary. The German poultry industry creates transparency with the consumer through the DDD proof of origin. It pays to pay close attention to the label.

  1. The commercial class - German poultry is always commercial class
  2. Offer state "fresh" "frozen" or "frozen"
  3. Sales description of the type of poultry or description of the cuts
  4. Name and address of the manufacturer, the packager or a seller established in the EC
  5. Veterinary approval number of the slaughterhouse or cutting plant, including code letters for the place of operation: D for Germany
  6. Weight / kilogram price / total price
  7. Fresh poultry "consume until ..." with reference to the storage temperature, best before date for frosted goods
  8. QS certification mark (voluntary): A system of cross-stage process assurance for foodstuffs from producer to consumer is the QS system. QS is strict in its requirements and at the same time open to additional criteria. The QS certification mark provides security and transparency through constant documentation and neutral controls. The German poultry industry is a partner in the QS system.
  9. DDD certificate of origin (voluntary): This poultry has been reared, slaughtered and hygienically processed according to the strict German regulations.
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