hazardous substances

Almost everyone has ever seen them, the black icons on an orange background that indicate so-called hazardous substances, such as the flame sign on hair sprays. In addition, there are other important references to packaging that draw attention to hazardous substances.

What is meant by hazardous substances?

Put simply, these are substances - chemical substances or mixtures of substances - which in any way can have a negative impact on humans and their environment. These dangerous substances are therefore not only about the direct health impairment of humans, but also about the burdens of the environment, as they can arise eg by an explosion or a fire.

Conversely, the absence of a danger symbol does not mean that a substance poses no danger to humans and the environment. Therefore you should always read the label for chemicals. For example, this could mean that a substance is "flammable", ie has a flash point between 21 and 55 ° C. Although no hazard symbol is provided for this purpose, under certain conditions (eg increased room temperature) such a substance can definitely pose a fire hazard.

Just like a substance that is labeled as "highly flammable" with a flame symbol. Many people are unaware that they are dealing with hazardous substances in their daily lives. For who looks at the sign on his nail polish remover or mousse to exactly. Both contain chemicals that are highly flammable; When Schaumfestiger comes as a source of danger even the container is added, which is under pressure and, for example, must not be exposed to sunlight.

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