Foot Reflexology - self-experiment or partner massage

Self-experiment or partner massage

The foot reflexology massage is ideal as a partner massage. You do not necessarily have to stick to the zones, but massage (leave) as you feel it is pleasant. For example, those who have a cold can try to alleviate the constipation in the nose by means of a massage of the "lymphatic zones". This zone is located in the interstices of the toes, the "webbed". Massage these areas vigorously with the tip of the thumb or forefinger for about ten minutes.

Beware of diseases

Foot reflexology is offered at numerous community colleges so that you can gain some basic skills in a course. However, care should be taken with inflammatory processes of the veins, arteries and lymphatics, with feverish infections and high-risk pregnancies and in case of doubt with the doctor. Professional therapists always ask for acute illness before treatment and refer the doctor to risks.

By the way, barefoot walking is a very simple and sensible way to massage the feet: Here, muscles are stimulated and trained and the connective tissue consolidates. If you walk through pebbles, grass or simply barefoot through the apartment, stimulates the circulation, strengthens the muscles and maintains the mobility of toes and joints.

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