Athlete's foot (Tinea Pedis) - Prevention

At least as important as the drug treatment are general measures - both as an adjunctive therapy, as well as to prevent, to protect against athlete's foot. What can you do to prevent infection?

Prevent athlete's foot

  • The most important thing: keep feet dry and warm. Dry your feet well after showering and bathing, do not forget the toe gaps. Tip: Take the hair dryer to help.
  • Change your towels at least once a week. If fungus is present, use a separate towel for your feet and change it daily.
  • Wear cookable cotton stockings, avoid synthetic fibers. If you tend to athlete's foot, place linen strips in the toe gaps.
  • Air your shoes, change them daily and disinfect them regularly. Avoid shoes with a bad microclimate (for example, sneakers), which promotes perspiration.
  • Walking barefoot is healthy and helps against excessive sweating, but: Always wear "slippers" in swimming pools, saunas, shower cabins, etc.
  • There renounce the barefoot foot disinfection. It does not do anything to wet your feet with the liquid for a few seconds. Instead, the soil is often contaminated there and the disinfectants used can cause intolerance reactions.
  • Make sure that no one in the family has athlete's foot - a wearer is already enough to spread more than enough fungus-infected skin sheds in the house and infect the family members.

Practical Athlete's Foot Tips

If you suffer from athlete's foot again and again and are a "fungus carrier" excluded in the family, should be sought for underlying disorders such as diabetes or circulatory disorder. Talk to your doctor.

You can massage your feet regularly with thyme or tea tree oil - may prevent the renewed fungal infection and promotes circulation in any case. A similar effect also have regular replacement foot baths, preferably with some apple cider vinegar in the water.

If you are prone to sweaty feet, you can also add oak bark or sage tea to the bath. The latter also reduces - generally drunk - the general tendency to sweat.

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