Athlete's foot (Tinea Pedis) - therapy

Go to the doctor. On the one hand, it will differentiate the appearance of other scaly or infectious skin diseases and, on the other hand, will secure the diagnosis with a microscopic examination of scales shaved off with a scalpel. If fungi are visible under the microscope, they are sent to the laboratory and cultivated there on a culture. This allows the exact pathogen to be determined and the therapy to be coordinated.

Treatment with drugs

As a rule, medications are necessary. It is usually sufficient to treat the affected area with a fungicidal agent in the form of cream, paste or spray. If there is a strong inflammation, this is previously brought to a close with tannins in the form of baths or wet envelopes.

In case of massive fungal attack or infestation of the nails, a so-called systemic therapy may be necessary, in which the fungicides are swallowed as a tablet and act from within. However, this is quite tedious and has potential side effects. If there is also a bacterial infection, the doctor may also prescribe antibiotics.

Treatment with home remedies

A treatment exclusively with home remedies helps little, supportive they can certainly be used:

  • Ribwort plantain, horsetail or coltsfoot help against the inflammation. These medicinal plants are available at the pharmacy and can be mixed with water to form a slurry with which you can make envelopes (two to three times a day).
  • Anti-inflammatory also acts the marigold - as an ointment, oil or essence.
  • If you can do something with Schüßler Salts ©: take 10 tablets of # 3, 8 and 9 and 20 tablets of # 5 each day.
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