EURO 2016: Danger for the slim line

Has she also packed the EM fever? Do you regularly sit with friends on the TV and watch the games of their favorites? The problem is that sitting in front of the television hardly consumes any calories and the habit of eating calorie-rich foods such as chips in between is a real problem. For those who "only" drink a bottle of beer during the games, eat half a bag of potato chips and a meatball roll every day, can weigh three to four kilograms more after the European Championship, according to the Society for Nutritional Medicine and Dietetics.

Lack of exercise and wrong eating habits

While the footballers sweat on the football field, the spectators sit more or less inactive in front of the TV. Long, frequent television has a lasting impact on B (a) uche. The lack of physical exercise on the one hand and rich food and drink on the other hand, cause an increase in weight. In addition, hours of television promote the development of cardiovascular diseases.

Remember also that children learn from adults and especially children should move a lot so that they are not overweight. Physical inactivity and eating habits are the two main causes of overweight in childhood and influential factors in adult health.

Top 6 of the Football Snack List:
1 bottle of beer (0.33 liters)140 k
1 bag of potato chips (150 g)800 k
1 meatball roll440 k
1 can of peanuts (100 g)580 k
1 serving of french fries, sausage, gravy890 k
1 pizza (500 g)1500 k

Tips to experience the European Championships healthy!

Do sports for yourself, instead of just doing sports - because exercise and exercise get the circulation and metabolism going. So after the game turn off the TV and take a brisk walk, be it alone, with family or good friends. This strengthens circulation and muscles and has positive effects on body and soul.

It is good to have about 30 minutes of exercise three times a week. The most important thing is a regularity. Your advantage: physical health, a more stable psyche, more self-confidence.

Exercise and sports are important

According to one study, active, low TV-looking men had a 1.44 kg / m² lower BMI than their inactive and TV looking counterparts. Also in terms of blood pressure had similar effects. Every hour of walking per day reduced the risk of overweight by 24 percent and the risk of diabetes by 34 percent.

Calorie consumption during sports:
Climb stairs10 mins83 kc
To go for a walk60 minutes190 kc
cycle60 minutes360 kc
jogging60 minutes480 kc
swim30 minutes300 kc

Eat and drink healthily

In the now prevailing summer temperatures, the television viewers should drink plenty. In case of thirst unsweetened herbal tea, sweetener-sweetened light drinks or mineral water are well suited; if necessary, even a non-alcoholic beer. As a football snack, raw vegetables and fruits are ideal. Apples, grapes, bananas, oranges or peppers, tomatoes, radishes, cucumbers are healthy and beneficial to the slender line. Yogurt, fruit yoghurt or buttermilk are good thirst and hunger killers in between.

Instead of chips, nibble sunflower or pumpkin seeds. They provide iron and magnesium and are good for the stress of a football thriller. If you like it sweet, then just chew dry fruits: dates, figs, apple rings or prunes also provide plenty of minerals and trace elements. Eat slowly and chew with pleasure. Because the faster you eat, the bigger the amount consumed.

All this prevents weight gain and does not burden the metabolism. So you can experience the European Football Championship with pleasure and pleasure.

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