Fresh fish does not smell like fish

Fish are not only delicious, they also provide the body with important nutrients, such as high-quality protein, vitamins A, B and D and minerals; especially iodine. In addition, the fatty acids in the fish are good for the heart, brain and immune system, because they are the good omega-3 fatty acids. What contains so many healthy ingredients must also be treated well. Hygiene tips about the fish are available here.

Characteristics of fresh fish

If you are looking for high quality, fresh fish, you should consider the following features when buying:

  • Fresh fish does not smell like fish, but seawater.
  • The eyes are clear, transparent and plump and the gills bright red.
  • The skin is shiny with a clear layer of mucus and the scales are tight.
  • The fish meat is firm and under slight pressure no trough remains.
  • The fish should be sufficiently covered with ice in the counter and chilled.
  • If the fish smells strongly of fish, this indicates too much storage.

How to store fish

Fish spoils relatively quickly. Bacteria can multiply rapidly because the fish contains a lot of water and has a loose connective tissue. It is best to eat the fish on the day of shopping. If this is not possible, you can keep fresh fish in the fridge for a maximum of one day. Place it in a glass or porcelain bowl and cover it with cling film. It is the coldest near the evaporator or on the glass plate.

Prepare fish properly

When making the preparation, first wash the fish under running water and then dab it with kitchen paper. Souring with vinegar or lemon is now only a matter of taste. It used to be recommended to mask an intense fishy odor. Salt should be added to the fish just before preparation. Once cooked, you can keep fish in the refrigerator for a maximum of three days.

Incidentally, smoked fish also belongs in the fridge and lasts for about two to four days. You should only freeze freshly caught fish for yourself. Depending on the fat content, they last for two to eight months in the freezer. Fat fish spoil faster than lean fish.

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