Spring goal marathon

Spring is just around the corner and so many people are starting their own jogging training in nature again, because mild temperatures make running fun! Breathing in fresh air, shaping the body and at the same time promoting good health - who adheres to certain rules can do something good for his body and himself with jogging.

From jogging to marathon

Even for previous couch potatoes running is a great introduction to the sport. Running and jogging are among the most popular sports of the Germans. This sport is accompanied by the Mythos Marathon. What is behind it? And have you ever dreamed of running a marathon? Gradually to the big goal.

Fascination Marathon

Marathon fascinated. Not only today, but since time immemorial. Legend has it that in 450 b. After the battle of the Greeks against the Persians, a messenger from the city of Marathon was sent to the city of Athens, 42.195 kilometers away, to proclaim the victory of the Greeks. After he has arrived there, he should loud and with the last power proclaimed the victory and then have fallen dead before exhaustion.

Whether this myth is true or not is controversial. However, the fact is that the Marathon Olympic discipline is making enthusiastic crowds of people worldwide. And do not worry, with good preparation, a professional training plan and a balanced diet as well as a comprehensive check of your own health, the goal can be achieved without major physical discomfort. So please do not be put off by the legend, sports and jogging in particular can promote good health, get the cardiovascular system going, let out all the unwelcome flab and just spread good mood.

Targeted running training

But before you just start running, good preparations must be made. Anyone planning to run a marathon should first seek medical attention and start training in time. Experts advise run beginners for a preparation time of about six months.

Those who do sports regularly and do jogging once or twice a week need a little less preparation time. However, that also depends on your own health and condition. Since a training plan should be quite individually set up, it is essential to seek the advice of professionals and medical professionals.

A good training plan for a marathon includes several intervals from different running intensities and also schedules rest periods. In order to be able to keep up with the different running intensities, it is helpful to have a heart rate monitor on the way.

About four weeks before the marathon, it is advisable to run 70 percent of the jogging in the aerobic area. These are long and quiet endurance runs, with the utilization of about 60 to 70 percent of the maximum cardiovascular performance. The good news: these runs are in the fat burning zone. 20 percent of the runs in training should be made in middle endurance and 10 percent in race pace. The closer the marathon moves, the more the races should increase.

Reduce stress by running

What is the matter of the marathon? Who runs voluntarily between three and five hours a distance of 42.195 kilometers? A lot of people. Anyone who has been infected by the marathon fever and has experienced the so-called "Runnershigh", the bathing in happiness, can not let go so fast. According to the motto: Run your head free, many even start with the jogging. Relieving stress and leaving everyday problems behind are motivation number one for many.

And it does not always have to be a marathon. In many cities and towns, runs of varying lengths are organized, especially in spring and summer. To get a taste of things and to get a first impression of a competition in sports on their own, these running events are worth gold. It can be a hint of the feeling divine, as it is when the cheering audience crowd accompanies the finish.

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