Spring cleaning for body and soul

The beginning of spring is a good time to start a program that drives the winter depression out of the body - inertia, winter bacon and fatigue should give way. To achieve this, food with a fitness factor, lots of exercise and lots of fresh air has to go to the top of the "to do" list.

Healthy eating and exercise makes spring ready!

Fruits and vegetables provide the anti-cold vitamin C, wholegrain products bring many B vitamins, lean meat provides iron and zinc, dairy products provide plenty of calcium, fish for important iodine. Fibers make you fat but not fat, get the digestion going, plenty of fluid does theirs. The sun boosts vitamin D production, provided we leave it on our skin. Exercise in the fresh air increases the production of red blood cells.

Spring cleaning also in the pantry: sweetness and fatness out - fruits and vegetables in!

Drizzle and fog of the past few months make enjoyable hours with candlelight and sweet and greasy food particularly cozy, but scare the wobbly traces they left when the time of summer clothes returns. Many make the big mistake to meet the bacon with rigorous fasting, to feel comfortable as soon as possible. As a result, a large number of people maintain the following rhythm over the course of years: Throughout the year, weight increases due to improper eating habits.

In the spring, the "fasting hammer" is set and the body withheld food, so that the fat for the upcoming bikini time dwindles. Instead, the body should learn a lasting balanced nutritional behavior. Changing the diet is not easy, but it's not because the food changes are not tasty, but because we have to part with familiar and cherished behaviors and embark on new things. We basically have to learn to cook again.

The beginning of spring is a good time to start: Get in shape and strengthen your health in the long term.

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