Spring tiredness - what to do?

The light and weather conversion does not always work smoothly - as the spring fatigue shows. The winter need for sleep must first be reduced before you can really enjoy the fresh colors and the clear air. The best way to do this is in the sunshine, but in any case in the light. So what to do? It is worthwhile in this transitional period to adapt his daily rhythm to the light conditions. This means getting to bed early and getting up as early as possible to get as much sun as possible.

Vitamins as the best medicine for spring tiredness

The days of hunters and gatherers are long gone - but the original survival strategies of the glacial forefathers are still a bit in our genes. That's why most of them in winter, together with pre-Christmas temptations, feed on high-fat, high-fat foods - a strategy that takes a bitter revenge every spring. The vitamin stores are swept empty. This not only makes them susceptible to infections, but also complicates the seasonal conversion.

Only a change in diet helps, with fruits and fresh vegetables at the top of the shopping list. Vitamins are also available in winter from regional cultivation as spinach, lettuce, carrots, leeks or spring onions. The sun stores from the south in the form of pineapple, citrus and kiwi do the rest to provide the body with vitamins, fiber and enzymes.

In addition, the rich colors of fresh fruits and vegetables provide extra stimulation in the brain. And that does not just apply to the kitchen: even the gray winter clothes should now be mothballed and make room for more color in the wardrobe.

Resolve circulatory problems in the spring

Circulatory problems are often at the forefront of spring fatigue. Winter has made us real couch potatoes and our brains could tolerate an oxygen shower. Therefore: Trim your circulation with exercise in the fresh air before the spring fatigue starts rolling - this brings oxygen into the body and stimulates the adrenal cortex for hormone production, strengthens the heart and circulation and supports the immune system.

Simple gymnastic exercises, targeted stretching and stretching and smaller foot marches bring the cycle on trot.

This is how the skin becomes spring ready

Movement not only brings more momentum into life, but also ensures that the skin feels better through the increased blood circulation. The largest organ of the human body is equipped with innumerable sensors that help to perceive the environment. Well-perfused skin not only provides a fresh radiance, but also makes you more alert and attentive.

Massages and alternating showers also promote the circulation of the skin and also ensure that the blood pressure does not sag too much. The change from hot to cold, combined with the massaging effect of the water jet, trains the vessels. The contractions in the vessel walls support the function of the venous valves and keep the blood flow in motion.

When the doctor is in demand ...

If you can not get up in the spring, you should seek medical advice. Persistent drivelessness, irritability, tiredness and depression can be an indication of underlying problems. There may be anemia or hitherto unrecognized chronic illness, or depression or chronic fatigue syndrome may be noticeable.

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