Formula Diets - Advantages and Disadvantages

Benefits of Formula Diets

  • Those who eat exclusively with a formula diet initially lose weight quickly.
  • The fast weight reduction brings the motivation on trot, so this diet is something for people who need the fast consumer success.
  • You also get around the annoying counting of calories and fats.
  • The meals are easy and easy to prepare.
  • With a minimum of 50 grams of protein per day, Formula's diets preserve the body protein that is broken down in some diets in the body.
  • In addition, the high protein content slows down the feeling of hunger.
  • The Power Drinks contain no risk nutrients.

Disadvantages of Formula Diets

  • A long-term customer success is only possible if you learn to live without powder and change your eating habits.
  • Although different flavors provide variety, the diet is rather monotonous. As a result, many users are developing a strong need for something "good, " which often results in increased calorie intake after dieting.
  • The well-known yo-yo effect threatens. The body quickly recovers after the powder cure, because it is still working on low flame and uses less energy.
  • The cause of obesity is disregarded. For example, anyone who fights stress, boredom, or loneliness with food or constantly eats outside of meals, will do so even after a formula diet, if he does not work on it.
  • Formula diets are only to be understood as a short-term measure. But they no longer replace exercise to lose weight permanently and stay healthy.
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