Fit feet by foot exercises

On our feet is always reliable, they carry us daily through everyday life and ultimately through our lives - in so far as they are healthy. Deformations on the feet can cause foot problems and pain. With special gym exercises in the office or on long trips, the musculature of the feet can be strengthened and possible foot problems can be prevented.

Feet as gripping tools?

Have you ever tried to pick up a pencil with your toes from the ground without using your hands? Difficult? While children can still effortlessly use their feet to pick up objects, most adults are having problems with it.

In earlier times, feet were not only important to us as a supporting body element, but at the same time they also served as grasping and sensing tools. But tight and uncomfortable shoes as well as lack of movement of the feet and toes can lead to a degeneration of the foot muscles. With targeted gymnastics, you can keep your feet up to speed and at the same time counteract possible foot complaints such as a hallux valgus, a flat foot or splayfoot.

Foot exercises provide momentum

To increase the mobility of the toes and to strengthen the foot muscles, it is important to use the foot exercises regularly. Anyone who already suffers from foot problems and pain, should seek medical advice before gymnastics. Because even with already existing Fußdeformationen a targeted gymnastics can achieve positive effects.

A new form of exercise therapy is the Spiraldynamik, which can also be used for example for the prevention and possible alleviation of complaints in the Hallux Valgus, a deformation of the bale on the big toe. It is important in case of already existing complaints that the exercises are also suitable for the respective problem. For everyone else: Get out of the shoes and stockings and have fun during the foot exercise!

Include foot exercises in everyday life

The goal of the foot exercise is to keep the foot and toes moving and to strengthen the muscles. And you even do it by the way, whether sitting or standing, in the office or at home - many of the exercises will also be familiar to you without you having previously classified them as special foot exercises.

Here are a few ideas for foot exercises:

  1. When sitting on a chair, you can first place your feet side by side on the floor without touching them. Then lift one foot slightly and circle it about 10 times in the clockwise direction and 10 times in the counterclockwise direction. Then change the leg and repeat the exercise. At the end, you can lift and rotate both feet simultaneously.
  2. Or try tearing a newspaper with your feet into small pieces. This exercise is also great for children as it not only trains your feet, but also gets your laugh muscles moving.
  3. Another exercise is to grab a pencil with your toes and hold a piece of paper with the other foot. Now try using the pen to paint or describe the paper.
  4. Another exercise: Sit on the floor and try to clap with both feet.
  5. When standing, it is always possible to walk on tiptoe and shift your weight.
  6. You can also walk on tiptoe through the room and then slowly lower your feet and roll, relocate your weight and now walk on hoes.

Protection against thrombosis on long journeys

Especially with larger trips, which are connected with hours of sitting in the airplane, car or train, it is important to counteract the danger of a possible thrombosis. In addition to wearing compression stockings, the feet can be loosened in between with small exercises. And do not worry: the gymnastics can be easily realized from the square, without attracting greater attention of your fellow travelers.

It can help, just to lift the toes and heels alternately from time to time. It is equally advantageous to simply let the toes wriggle. Further loosening promises the lifting of the buttocks. Hold on to the armrest with both hands and then lift the buttocks without standing up.

As soon as you sit again, place your feet parallel to each other firmly on the floor and press together several times in succession the thighs together. The most effective way is to repeat all the exercises over and over again and if possible to walk a few steps once per hour.

Whether traveling or in everyday life, foot exercise can help you to avoid annoying foot problems and also makes it fun.

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