Fitness mistakes 11 to 20

11. Slow running makes the pounds melt

If you walk too slowly, you are doing something for your health, but you are still sitting on your fat. Total energy expenditure is significantly lower at low effort than at higher intensity. A car that drives fast also consumes more fuel. Fat burning works most efficiently at 70 to 80 percent of the maximum pulse. Beginners are allowed to get in slowly, but can increase calorie consumption through short intermediate sprints.

12. Coffee - a taboo for athletes?

Coffee deprives the body of water and raises blood pressure? Nonsense! Especially athletes can use coffee as a secret weapon. Drunk an hour before training, an espresso boosts both the circulation and the energy consumption.

13. Sore muscles as a sign of good training

Painful muscles after training mean only one thing: you have taken over. In sore muscles caused by over-exertion small cracks in muscle tissue. Stretching pain is therefore not an indicator of muscle growth, but of overuse.

14. Cycling makes you impotent

Not the cycling itself, but the wrong saddle may cause impotence. Especially with sporty racing saddles with a long nose, the constant pressure on the perineal area can affect the blood supply to the penis. Remedy is a wider saddle, at best with a large notch at the top. In addition, the nose of the saddle should not show upwards, but straight ahead. Frequent breaks or sprinting while standing allow the blood to circulate again.

15. Back muscle training helps with back pain

Back pain can be remedied by targeted strength training. However, not only the back, but also the abdominal muscles play a major role. A well-balanced training of these two games ensures a strong torso, which can not easily tilt into the hollow back. To avoid shortening the muscles, do not forget to stretch after training.

16. Pregnant women should not practice sports

Sport during pregnancy has a positive effect on mother and child. It increases the well-being and ensures during pregnancy that the body regenerates faster after birth. Expecting mothers should avoid sports with direct adversary contact, competitive sports, skiing and horseback riding. Ideal is easy endurance training such as walking or swimming. In case of a risk pregnancy, however, a gynecologist should first be consulted.

17. Target muscle fatigue with muscle training

Unfortunately not. Targeted abdominal-leg-butt training usually does not lead to the fact that even at these points fat is broken down. It is individually determined, where and in which order the body breaks down fat deposits. In women, bacon often disappears faster on the upper body than on hips and buttocks. However, it is possible to specifically build muscle.

18. Do not eat for two hours after exercising

After intensive training, the body burns fat even hours after exercise. That one should not eat at this time, however, is a fairy tale. If you want to lose weight, make sure that you do not consume more calories than you burn. When you eat these calories, does not matter. The need for protein is even higher after exercise than usual, because it helps the muscles to regenerate.

19. With sit-ups to the perfect six-pack

A muscular belly is much harder to train than, for example, strong upper arms. Despite intensive training, especially in women often a layer of fat over the muscles. So before the muscles can appear, you must first fight the belly fat. This works best through low-fat diet and regular endurance training. Only then do the sit-ups bring visible results.

20. Sport makes you slim

Sport alone does not help with unhealthy diets. Who wants to lose weight permanently, should always take less calories than it consumes. Healthy weight loss is only possible in combination with conscious nutrition and regular sports.

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