Fit at forty - Interview with dr. Sabine Voermans

What's the biggest problem when you turn forty?

Dr. Voermans, director of TC Health Management, said : "The problem starts in our minds, and many are realizing around this date that the second half of life has definitely begun, resulting in more critical observation The burden - the commitment in the job, the family with children and also the concern for their own parents, after all, 25 to 35 years older than you are. Suddenly occur diseases such as cancer or dementia and already shifts the responsibility within It is the generation change that is felt and often hurts. "

Which paths lead to such a mid-life crisis?

Actually, the 40th birthday is not really a cause for concern. However, the body changes: the immune system subsides, the joints become stiffer and the muscles weaker. As a result, daily stress hoses more than before. However, this process is very slow and can be delayed if you actively do something about it.

Therefore, my advice is: Those who ponder should try to deal constructively with the crisis. Crisis does not necessarily mean that something is changing for the worse. Many now find the strength to tackle long-delayed changes. For the health this means concretely to outwit the inner bastard and to take time for exercise, healthy nutrition and also relaxation.

That sounds like a fun brake ...

Not at all. Who says health can not be fun? Of course it is annoying for many to go out in jogging or Nordic walking in wind and weather. However, the morning air gives you a real life feeling that you would otherwise simply oversleep. And when it comes to nutrition, healthy food is an asset: fresh salads with delicious dressing, a lean steak or a good glass of wine - all this is not forbidden. On the contrary, everything we conscientiously and carefully consume is either healthy or balm for the soul.

The dangers lurk not in enjoyment, but in bad habits; if fast food or bad canteen food are consumed carelessly every day and you do not even know what you ate at lunch time. This is also proven by a study we published last year: It's the temptations of everyday life that are detrimental to health - be it the quick roll while walking at the train station, the hamburger with chips as a lunch substitute or the daily after-work beer, which is not consumed in a relaxed atmosphere with friends, but every night with potato chips in front of the TV.

What do you advise such couch potatoes?

Less is more. There's no point in doing the jogging or the gym, and sticking to it. Better are small steps - so omit the escalator and use the stairs to replace alcohol with non-alcoholic drinks or just to omit the meat or sausage. With the first small successes the self-confidence and the courage to do more grows. We are not talking about a diet here, but about a long-term change of habits.

What else can you do?

At least from this age, it is high time to pay more attention to yourself and listen to the inner voice. Regular checkups should now be mandatory. For women over 40, breast cancer prevention is particularly important. Men should go regularly to prostate cancer screening from the 45th birthday. Colorectal cancer screening is particularly important for men and women over 50 years old.

In addition, there are preventive health courses, which are also taken over by the health insurance companies. Back schools and stress reduction classes show how to ease workloads, exercise classes show easy ways to improve fitness, and nutrition courses help you eat healthier without sacrificing enjoyment. Incidentally, all this can be learned on holiday - the TK subsidizes active travel with a health program, so that an active trip pays off.

What do you personally do for your health?

Two or three times a week, I go to work in the morning. My little trick: I make an appointment to jog, then I know that someone is waiting and I have no choice. During the week I pay attention, especially in everyday life, to eating rich in vitamins and fiber. The weekend is the soul - I relax while cooking or on long walks.

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